Australian export of a brand new product – Gourmet Orchard™ Jam in a squeezy tube

Product selection
Please choose one (1) South East Asian country to focus on for your report:
• Australian export of a brand new product – Gourmet Orchard™ Jam in a squeezy tube
• Countries: Thailand OR South Korea (select only 1 country)
International Market Report
Students are required to source ONLY secondary research and apply this research to address the task. You are NOT permitted to contact the product suppliers or manufacturers to request research reports; you must use reports and data that is freely available to the public.
This research report has 5 key mandatory elements:
1. Identify and justify a market segment for your product in the given country that is suitable to increase export opportunities. Please justify your choice of segment using analysis to support. You should also mention any limitations of the secondary research you are using.
Note: Please remember to identify your product’s current position in the product lifecycle. i.e. Introduction, Growth, Maturity or Decline phase.
2. Define and describe your target market profile. Ensure that the target market is measurable, sizable, accessible, and actionable and has growth potential.
3. Prepare a promotional concept (based on a unique selling proposition) that can be used to effectively position your product to your chosen target audience. i.e create the key message to communicate with your audience that will entice them to purchase the product. Remember to consider legal requirements, cultural nuances and other relevant market characteristics.
You may provide diagrams/story boards that support your concept.
4. Provide and justify a B2C (Business to Consumer) distribution strategy that will be most effective in attracting people from your target market to purchase. You will need to recommend which organisations will be used for distributing these products and provide supporting information as to why they will be effective.
5. Remember to include a recommendation section as to why your ideas should be accepted by the business to carry forward to the next international marketing phase – implementation.
Research Report – required outline
Executive Summary (1 page only)
Table of Contents (including tables and figures)
1. Introduction (approx 250 words)
(Background, Aim, Scope, Delimitations)
2. Market Research, Analysis and Target market (approx 750 words)
3. Promotional Concept (approx 500 words)
4. Distribution Strategy (approx 500 words)
5. Conclusion (approx 250 words)
6. Recommendations (approx 250 words)
Reference List
– The Business Report Writing (BRW) tool (located on the Course Website) MUST be used to guide the structure and format of your final report. This tool details an action plan and provides an exemplar of the format required.
– Word count, does not include the Executive Summary, Contents Page, Reference List.
– In-text referencing should be used to support any claims or statements made.
– Harvard or APA style referencing is required for this report.
Note: SafeAssign is MANDATORY – prior to submitting your printed copy of the report in your Week 13 lecture, ensure that you submit via SafeAssign. Please remember to leave out your reference list when submitting through SafeAssign i.e. only submit from Introduction to Recommendations.
If you have any concerns regarding the report please consult with your tutor in Weeks 9, 10 & 11 (please remember to come with your planning notes if you wish to discuss the key elements). The tutor will not be able to review draft copies of reports.
Due Date: Week 13 – printed copy to be handed in your campus lecture.
Format: Students are required to present a business report in accordance with the BRW tool format and this tool provides an example.
Marking Criteria: refer to the course website for the Report Marking Criteria sheet. Remember to attach a copy of this document to the front of your report. A rubric identifying the key criteria used for report marking is available on the course website under the Assessment tab.

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