Assignment 2 (Value 40%) Evaluation, Supplier Selection and Contract Management

Ordinance 2 (Value 40%)
Evaluation, Supplier Pickedion and Agree Address

Table of Contents
1 Introduction 2
2 Acquirements Remainders 2
3 Scenario 2
4 Marking Scheme 2
5 Ordinance Hints 2
6 References 3

1 Introduction
This ordinance, estimate 40% of your ultimate impression, is prepared to embed your acquirementss from the assist filthy weeks of the sequence, specifically:
• How to eliminate evaluation criteria and an evaluation sketch and embark an evaluation to picked a supplier; and
• How to transcribe a Agree Address Sketch and fulfill amiable and incompetent agree address.
2 Acquirements Remainders
This ordinance barely addresses acquirements remainders 1 and 4 and totally addresses acquirements remainder 2.
3 Ordinance Question
This ordinance is in brace totalots:

Allot 1 – Evaluation and Supplier Pickedion
Coercion this totalot you are preparing the evaluation sketch and evaluation criteria to livelihood the pickedion of a Facility Address Society who totalure manipulate the cleaning and means-of-help of the architecture work, hydraulic, electrical and habitual services as polite palpable parking areas and landscaping of your Structure’s architectures in Australia. Some architectures claim refurbishments which totalure be manipulated by the FMC. The organisation has previously manipulated total the facilities with in branch staff.

Literal basis shows the subjoined $$$ departed on cleaning and means-of-help in 2018 by location:
City Means-of-help Cleaning
Perth 2 500 000 1 000 000
Sydney 5 000 000 2 000 000
Brisbane 3 401 000 1 500 000
Melbourne 6 600 100 3 000 000
Adelaide 3 000 000 1 250 000
Darwin 1 500 000 950 000

Coercion this ordinance usurp the subjoined:
• Total architectures are amid the appertaining CBD’s;
• Agree to begin 1 January 2020;
• Facility Address companies oblation total services are to be shortlisted;
• Your society uses a SAP municipal rule and would claim the lucky FM society to be able to interface with the pertinent SAP application:
• The structure totalure keep the general in branch asbe manipulater
• The Adelaide and Melbourne architectures are in want of refurbishment begining in 2020 which is estimated to consume $ 4 000 000 coercion Adelaide and $ 9 000 000 coercion the Melbourne architecture.
When choosing weightings retain they want to contemplate the referring-to concern of the items opposing the literal basis and organisational values. This totalure drive the Total Consume of Ownership and transaction strategy.

You are claimd to:
• Remainder an evaluation sketch coercion this FMC pickedion, including an evaluation process that incorporates Total Consume of Ownership (TCO) and Value coercion Money (VfM);
• Design the evaluation criteria and weightings;
• Apply the criteria and weightings to land at a recommended FMC; and
• Provide, to be cited in the evaluation sketch, at meanest brace academic, functional or municipal references to livelihood your representative

Allot 2 – Agree Address Sketch
You are claimd to remainder a homogeneous agree address sketch coercion the lucky FMC aloft, containing total of the pertinent sections. At meanest brace academic, functional or municipal references to livelihood your representative are to be moderate.
4 Marking Scheme
Topic Criterion Details Marks Available
Evaluation Sketch Structure, profoundness and fluctuation. Includes total compulsory headings, and referable attributable attributableice in a close adjust. 25
Evaluation Criteria and anticipation A sedate be of evaluation criteria with appreciable weightings and amend anticipation or recommended FMC Contains competent referable attributable attributableice to unambiguously recount the criteria and rationale coercion their inclusion and weightings and anticipation. 25
TCO and VfM Analysis A cognomen A sedate fidelity of the steps or anticipations that totalure remainder in the best crave term remainder. 10
Agree Address Sketch Structure, profoundness and fluctuation. Includes total compulsory headings and referable attributable attributableice in a close adjust. 20
Presentation Clarity and capacity of moderate representative. Is close and short. Referable attributable attributableice is competently minute and technically amend. 20
5 Ordinance Hints
Always wild watchfulness to the subjoined:
• Notice on ordinances is absorbed at the primitive exhortation and frequently during the sequence. Attend or hear to the exhortations.
• Resurvey the ordinances polite forward of space to fix that you own space to commencement representative and inquire control if compulsory;
• Read the questions carefully. Make fast you perceive them; if referable attributable attributable, inquire clarification;
• Do referable attributable attributable attributable violate the ordinances precedently the representative has been covered in rank. This totalure consume you costly space.

As with total ordinances it is referable attributable attributable attributable the dimensions of representative you supply except the capacity. Retain that you must always:
• Answer the questions;
• Include everything compulsory to communicate a perfect fable – do referable attributable attributable attributable usurp preceding knowledge;
• Be close;
• Be short;
• Transcribe to a proud academic test.
• Own a 2nd totaloty resurvey your ordinance preceding to submission

Dates: Check UO and BB

Further Reading

The Department of Finance (2015a) supplys a amiable CMP template and Agree Resurvey template (Department of Finance 2015b) and multifarious other available agree address documentation at the identical website.


Success is referable attributable attributable attributable ultimate, demand is referable attributable attributable attributable fatal: it is the intrepidity to hold that counts.
Winston Churchill

6 References
Department of Finance. 2015a. “Agree Address Sketch.” Government of Western Australia Accessed October 30.
Department of Finance. 2015b. “Agree Resurvey.” Government of Western Australia Accessed October 30.

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