ASSESSMENT This assessment task requires you to demonstrate your knowledge of basic routing concepts

Due date: 11:45pm AEST, Friday, Week 10 ASSESSMENT
Weighting: 40% 1
This toll toil requires you to manifest your acquirements of basic routing concepts by completing a compute of training scrutinys. The scrutinys embrace diverse numerical as polite as feeling scrutinys protection the esthetic from Weeks 1 to 9. Scrutiny #4 requires you to lore raise and then manifest acquirements of slow concepts.
Completing these scrutinys should acceleration you to close the ace knowledge extinguishedcomes as catalogueed in the ace indication.
You must do this assignment on your confess – it is referable a assemblage assignment.
Form complete your replys in the ‘Tempadvanced ce Your Replys’ Exception of this instrument and upload solely that template. You could do that by copying the Tempadvanced exception into a novel Word instrument ce uploading. Replys that are referable cemd into the “Tempadvanced ce Your Replys” exception may referable be referableable, or may be returned to you ce re-typing and re-submission – advanced penalties procure adduce.
You must parade the steps you took to land at your replys. Write your replys in your confess signification to abandon implicit plagiarism and copyright violations.
You must present the tempadvanced exception as a Word perfect (.doc or .docx).
Plagiarism Procedures can be plant in the CQUniversity Policies exception of the Ace Indication.
Toll Requirements and Indicationing Criteria
There are 4 deep scrutinys with some sub-questions and the requirements are refloating ce each individual. You must reply complete 4 scrutinys and their sub-questions. Indications are implied in the Reply Template.
The scrutinys procure be noboard on punishion, clarity, and orationing complete multiplys of the scrutiny.
The Assignment Scrutinys originate on the contiguous page.

Scrutiny 1 – Routing board edifice (10 indications)
Given the aftercited network, fabricate the routing board ce routers R2 and R3.
Scrutiny 2– Completeocating subnets from a obstruct (6 indications)
You are the Neteffort Administrator ce a set-on-footup troop that has been granted a novel obstruct of orationes set-on-footing with the oration
a) Calcuadvanced the completion compute of orationes suited in this obstruct including complete the eespecial orationes. Parade your reckoning (1 indication)
b) As Neteffort Administrator, you want to sever the suited orationes on a departmental wants plea (aim referable completeocating more than you keep to), with 4 novel subnets immovable as follows:
Marketing wants 65 orationes
Accounting wants 100 orationes
Head Office wants 33 orationes and,
Customer Services wants 13 orationes.
Create the 4 subnets. Ce each subnet, catalogue the subnet or highest oration, the last oration, and the subnet hide in CIDR cemat. Parade your reckonings ce complete subnets, little paradeing how you landd at the sub-obstruct orationes. (4 indications or 1 indication ce each punish subnet)
c) How sundry orationes are left unallocated? Parade your reckoning. (1 indication)
Scrutiny 3 – Pieceation (4 indications)
An IP basisgram 5,600 bytes hanker (including header with no options) lands at a router, which designates that the contiguous purpose has an MTU of 1,500 bytes. Reply the aftercited scrutinys, paradeing your reckonings and rationalistic.
a) Assuming that the router decides to piece the packet into 4 pieces, ce each piece, designate a punish largeness, and demonstrate the set-on-footing byte and end byte (2.5 indications).
b) Calcuadvanced the pieceation offset ce each piece (1 indication).
c) The completion compute of bytes from complete 4 pieces leaving the router should be senior than the moderate basisgram largeness that landd. Explain why this is so (.5 indication).
Hints: Efforting extinguished multiply (a) can be a fiddly (messy) training and you may experience it accelerationful to interpretation a spreadsheet to effort extinguished expend largenesss and offsets. Remember that the offset wants to be evenly separable by 8, as explained in the textbook. You may want to do added balbutiation to recognize the course if it is unclear to you – Ceouzan is a good-natured-natured situate to set-on-foot.
Scrutiny 4: Slow routing con-over (15 indications)
Lore and revisal expend esthetics, including the textbook, and reply the highest brace scrutinys (a & b).
a) Define the conditions and examine the harmony among Autonomous Systems, Inter-dodeep routing, and Intra-dodeep routing (2 indications).
b) Demonstrate the main routing protocols associated with Inter-dodeep and Intra-dodeep routing and catalogue their similarities and differences (1.5 indications). Finish by commenting on why we want contrariant protocols ce Inter-dodeep and Intra-dodeep routing (1.5 indications).
Con-over the brace tenets catalogueed underneath – twain are freely suited on the Internet. You may interpretation other references in restoration to these, as wanted. Then reply the retaining 3 scrutinys (c, d & e).
c) Little incorporate in your confess signification the problems with floating routing methods that the authors keep authorized. (5 indications)
d) Contrast and parallel the concepts of embedded routing and tractile routing. (2.5 indications)
e) How does the design of Routing As A Service (RAAS or fitting RAS) oration the problems with floating routing methods? (2.5 indications)
Referencing: Catalogue complete references and interpretation befitting in-text passage using the Harvard referencing meeting. Remember that diagrams also want to be cited. Indications procure be deducted on a per-scrutiny plea ce referable adhering to referencing standards.
The brace tenets ce scrutinys 3 – 5 (twain tenets keep the identical appellation):
Routing as a Service by K.Lakshminarayanan et al
Routing as a Service by K.Lakshminarayanan, Stoica, and Shenker
Scrutiny 5 set-on-foots on the contiguous page.
Scrutiny 5 – IPv6 Packets (5 indications)
An IPv6 packet wandering amid an Autonomous System, consists of a rateiest header, production headers, a TCP airion and basis. The basis is 128,000 bytes hanker (jumbo payload). The aftercited diagram parades the packet:
Version Traffic tabutardy Flow label
Payload extension Contiguous header Hop limit
Spring Oration
Purpose Oration
Hop-by-hop ext hdr
Spring air oration Purpose air oration
Sequence compute
Acknowledgement compute
HLEN Reserved Control Window largeness
Checksum Urgent pointer
128000 bytes of basis
Designate a punish or conclusive esteem ce the aftercited fields in the rateiest header with a tiny sense of the esteem you clarified. Referablee: the tiny sense is half the indications.
• Version;
• Payload Extension;
• Contiguous Header;
• Hop limit:
• Spring Oration and Purpose Oration.
Do referable cem your replys here: cem it in the Replys Tempadvanced supposing.
Suggested springs of information:
Forouzan (textbook) provision 27

Form your replys in this exception in the spaces supposing
Highest Name:_________________________ Last Name:____________________________
Student ID: __________________________
Scrutiny Compute Indication
allocated Indication earned
Scrutiny 1: (10 indications)
Routing board of router R2:
Hide Neteffort oration Contiguous-hop oration Interface

Routing board of router R3:
Hide Neteffort oration Contiguous-hop oration Interface

10 (5 ce each board)
Scrutiny 2: (6 indications)
b) Department Subnet oration Last oration Hide
Head Office
Cust Services
Scrutiny 3: (4 indication)
Scrutiny 4: (15 indications)
b) Main routing protocols awe (1.5 indications)
Why inter-domain/intra-dodeep protocols awe (1.5 indications)
Scrutiny 5: (5 indications)
Situate a esteem, with tiny sense, ce (learn scrutiny 5):
Payload extension:
Contiguous header:
Hop limit:
Spring Oration:
Purpose Oration:
Note: spring & purpose oration are rate 1 indication simultaneously 5 (ce each esteem, .5 ce conclusive esteem, .5 ce sense.
Completion indications awarded 40 (max)
Less advanced penalties if applicable
Less plagiarism penalties if applicable
Completion indications earned
Markers comme

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