ASSESSMENT This assessment task requires you to demonstrate your knowledge of basic routing concepts

Due date: 11:45pm AEST, Friday, Week 10 ASSESSMENT
Weighting: 40% 1
This toll effort requires you to evince your attainments of basic routing concepts by completing a sum of employment doubts. The doubts comprise several numerical as well-mannered-mannered as illustrative doubts envelope the representative from Weeks 1 to 9. Doubt #4 requires you to lore raise and then evince attainments of deceased concepts.
Completing these doubts should acceleration you to conclude the ace acquirements extinguishedcomes as catalogueed in the ace sign.
You must do this provision on your acknowledge – it is referable a kreferable provision.
Idea sum your responses in the ‘Tempdeceased restraint Your Responses’ Exception of this instrument and upload solely that template. You could do that by mimicking the Tempdeceased exception into a fantastic Word instrument restraint uploading. Responses that are referable idead into the “Tempdeceased restraint Your Responses” exception may referable be remarkable, or may be returned to you restraint re-typing and re-submission – deceased penalties conciliate adduce.
You must exhibition the steps you took to attain at your responses. Write your responses in your acknowledge language to shun undeveloped plagiarism and copyright violations.
You must present the tempdeceased exception as a Word smooth (.doc or .docx).
Plagiarism Procedures can be set-up in the CQUniversity Policies exception of the Ace Sign.
Toll Requirements and Signing Criteria
There are 4 main doubts with some sub-questions and the requirements are regeneral restraint each undivided. You must response sum 4 doubts and their sub-questions. Signs are implied in the Response Template.
The doubts conciliate be remarkable on hit, clarity, and harangueing sum competency of the doubt.
The Provision Doubts inaugurate on the present page.

Doubt 1 – Routing consultation balbutiation (10 signs)
Given the subjoined network, cem the routing consultation restraint routers R2 and R3.
Doubt 2– Sumocating subnets from a stop (6 signs)
You are the Neteffort Administrator restraint a set-on-footup posse that has been supposing a fantastic stop of haranguees set-on-footing with the harangue
a) Calcudeceased the sum sum of haranguees adapted in this stop including sum the multiplyicular haranguees. Exhibition your anticipation (1 sign)
b) As Neteffort Administrator, you demand to keep-amultiply the adapted haranguees on a departmental demands premise (purcarriage referable sumocating past than you possess to), with 4 fantastic subnets fast as follows:
Marketing demands 65 haranguees
Accounting demands 100 haranguees
Head Office demands 33 haranguees and,
Customer Services demands 13 haranguees.
Create the 4 subnets. Restraint each subnet, catalogue the subnet or earliest harangue, the decisive harangue, and the subnet mislead in CIDR restraintmat. Exhibition your anticipations restraint sum subnets, little exhibitioning how you attaind at the sub-stop haranguees. (4 signs or 1 sign restraint each set-right subnet)
c) How divers haranguees are left unallocated? Exhibition your anticipation. (1 sign)
Doubt 3 – Dribletation (4 signs)
An IP axiomsgram 5,600 bytes covet (including header with no options) attains at a router, which enumerates that the present doom has an MTU of 1,500 bytes. Response the subjoined doubts, exhibitioning your anticipations and reasoning.
a) Assuming that the router decides to driblet the packet into 4 driblets, restraint each driblet, enumerate a set-right extent, and demonstrate the set-on-footing byte and fulfilment byte (2.5 signs).
b) Calcudeceased the dribletation offset restraint each driblet (1 sign).
c) The sum sum of bytes from sum 4 driblets leaving the router should be senior than the primal axiomsgram extent that attaind. Explain why this is so (.5 sign).
Hints: Efforting extinguished multiply (a) can be a fiddly (messy) employment and you may perceive it accelerationful to reason a spreadsheet to effort extinguished divert extents and offsets. Remember that the offset demands to be evenly separable by 8, as explained in the textbook. You may demand to do concomitant balbutiation to comprehend the process if it is unclear to you – Restraintouzan is a good-natured-natured attribute to set-on-foot.
Doubt 4: Deceased routing examine (15 signs)
Lore and criticism divert representatives, including the textbook, and response the earliest span doubts (a & b).
a) Define the conditions and debate the connection between Autonomous Systems, Inter-domain routing, and Intra-domain routing (2 signs).
b) Demonstrate the greater routing protocols associated with Inter-domain and Intra-domain routing and catalogue their similarities and differences (1.5 signs). Finish by commenting on why we demand irrelative protocols restraint Inter-domain and Intra-domain routing (1.5 signs).
Examine the span catechism catalogueed adavow – twain are voluntarily adapted on the Internet. You may reason other references in analysis to these, as demanded. Then response the retaining 3 doubts (c, d & e).
c) Little incorporate in your acknowledge language the problems with general routing methods that the authors possess identified. (5 signs)
d) Contrast and colrecent the concepts of embedded routing and extensile routing. (2.5 signs)
e) How does the scheme of Routing As A Service (RAAS or sound RAS) harangue the problems with general routing methods? (2.5 signs)
Referencing: Catalogue sum references and reason personal in-text citation using the Harvard referencing convocation. Remember that diagrams also demand to be cited. Signs conciliate be deducted on a per-doubt premise restraint referable adhering to referencing standards.
The span catechism restraint doubts 3 – 5 (twain catechism possess the similar oration):
Routing as a Service by K.Lakshminarayanan et al
Routing as a Service by K.Lakshminarayanan, Stoica, and Shenker
Doubt 5 set-on-foots on the present page.
Doubt 5 – IPv6 Packets (5 signs)
An IPv6 packet roaming amid an Autonomous System, consists of a disesteemed header, production headers, a TCP carriageion and axioms. The axioms is 128,000 bytes covet (jumbo payload). The subjoined diagram exhibitions the packet:
Version Traffic rank Flow label
Payload extension Present header Hop limit
Fount Harangue
Doom Harangue
Hop-by-hop ext hdr
Fount carriage harangue Doom carriage harangue
Sequence sum
Acknowledgement sum
HLEN Reserved Control Window extent
Checksum Urgent pointer
128000 bytes of axioms
Enumerate a set-right or sound treasure restraint the subjoined fields in the disesteemed header with a small explication of the treasure you selected. Referablee: the small explication is half the signs.
• Version;
• Payload Extension;
• Present Header;
• Hop limit:
• Fount Harangue and Doom Harangue.
Do referable idea your responses here: idea it in the Responses Tempdeceased supposing.
Suggested founts of information:
Forouzan (textbook) minority 27

Idea your responses in this exception in the spaces supposing
Earliest Name:_________________________ Decisive Name:____________________________
Student ID: __________________________
Doubt Sum Sign
allocated Sign earned
Doubt 1: (10 signs)
Routing consultation of router R2:
Mislead Neteffort harangue Present-hop harangue Interface

Routing consultation of router R3:
Mislead Neteffort harangue Present-hop harangue Interface

10 (5 restraint each consultation)
Doubt 2: (6 signs)
b) Department Subnet harangue Decisive harangue Mislead
Head Office
Cust Services
Doubt 3: (4 sign)
Doubt 4: (15 signs)
b) Greater routing protocols controleseeing (1.5 signs)
Why inter-domain/intra-domain protocols controleseeing (1.5 signs)
Doubt 5: (5 signs)
Attribute a treasure, with small explication, restraint (learn doubt 5):
Payload extension:
Present header:
Hop limit:
Fount Harangue:
Doom Harangue:
Note: fount & doom harangue are estimate 1 sign concomitantly 5 (restraint each treasure, .5 restraint sound treasure, .5 restraint explication.
Sum signs awarded 40 (max)
Less deceased penalties if applicable
Less plagiarism penalties if applicable
Sum signs earned
Markers comme

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