Assessment task 2 – Individual Essay 1500 words

Assessment undertaking 2 – Individual Essay
Due date: May 12, 5pm (Friday Week 10)
Weighting: 25%
Length and/or cemat: 1500 words
Purpose: To eliminate your contempt with the phraseology and tools of economic decomposition and ceced by critically analysing a coeval posterity.
Learning outcomes assessed:
demonstrate an agreement of the basic methodology of economic decomposition
analyse the role and the contact of council interposition on that system
demonstrate an agreement of the macro economy
assess the contact of irrelative trade structures on consumers and business
How to submit: Turnitin 5 pm Friday of Week 10
Return of assignment: Within 2 weeks
Assessment criteria: See rubric sturdy to purpose of ace outline
Students procure ce analyse the economic provisions oppositeness earliest spell investors entering the store trade by useing the economic theories and concepts introduced in the Ace. The extrinsic of the Individual Essay is to explain the impression of economic concepts and theories to a real-world posterity. Thus you procure be required to revisal economic concepts that use to your undertaking, such as:
demographic changes
economic enlargement rates
inflation/deflation expectations
monetary and fiscal policy

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