Artist Exploration and Art Analysis Term Paper Leonardo Da Vinci Expectations

Artist Exploration and Art Analysis Term Paper Leonardo Da Vinci Expectations: Choose an artist whose life and work you find interesting and inspiring and write a thoughtful, 2500 words paper demonstrating your research and insight on your chosen artist and a thorough formal analysis of two of their artworks. This is not purely a research paper. You will be doing research on the artist’s background, influences, work and style, but the focus and body of this paper is your thorough analysis and personal response to your two chosen artworks. Beyond the word requirement, you must include a works cited page as well as two images of the works discussed within the body of your paper. While the ideas in this paper are intended to be yours, the expectation is that your background research should represent information from at least 2 cited and valid sources and that any direct borrowing of wording from these sources will be indicated by quotation marks (and please use direct quotes sparingly and only when necessary.) ** Required Outline: A. Introduction: Statement about why you chose this artist and the 2 specific works (thesis statement) B. 1-2 page biography of artist: Provide clear and relevant background information about the artist and the historical period they represent as well as mentioning their major artworks and accomplishments. C. Body of paper is an analysis of at least 2 artworks you find interesting: a. Give General Information: Title (italicize or underline titles of works of art,) Medium and Date b. Brief Description: In a few sentences describe the work. What does it look like or what is shown? Is it a representation of something? Is it an abstraction of something? c. Formal Analysis: Describe how the elements of art and the principles of design are used and why? How does the artist use these formal aspects to help convey a mood or idea? What do you think was the purpose for making this piece? What do you think the artist was trying to say or communicate to the viewer (you)? d. Personal response and opinions: Write what YOU think and feel about the artworks. D. Conclusion: Final statement about your findings and opinions and ultimately why you chose this artist and what their artworks mean to you. E. Works cited page F. Two required images: Can be located anywhere in your paper

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