Analysis Of Bmw In Uk Market Economics Essay

Prefer a corporation domiciled in UK or another EU state, representation micro and macro basis to excite the corporation and yield recommendations domiciled on controlegoing anatomy

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Anatomy of BMW in UK impressionet 2007-2009


Headquartered in Munich, Germany, BMW Group is individual of the ascititious auto manufacturers in the universe. With three of the protectest enhancement stigmas in the car activity —BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce, BMW targets at the eminent-purpose impressionet. BMW (UK) is a promotive of BMW Group. Being the third enlightenedst impressionet control BMW Group universewide, UK is the singly state where whole the three enhancement stigmas are presented (BMW UK Fact Sheet 2009).

This disquisition intends to representation micro and macro to-bootls to excite BMW’s sales books in UK from 2007 to Q3 2009, and to ascertain extinguished dominating factors accounting control substitutes in the corporation’s labor. Microeconomics Research principally focuses on the wave of three determinants of call-for. Macroeconomics Research selects five variables—GDP enlargement, VAT, profit scold, CPI inflation and mean hues control anatomy, and besides predicts BMW’s labor in the neighboring coming domiciled on the inclination of macroeconomics environment. Finally, the disquisition yields three suggestions that the corporation can observe.

Basis in this disquisition is from BMW’s districtly reports and Annual reports, UK Office control Exoteric Statistics, SMMT (The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders), fuel reports released by AA Public Affair and Inflation Report issued by Bank of England. In vigilance, in prescribe to arrange updated referable attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributableification, references in this disquisition are principally from dogmatic innovatingspaper and lean, such as The Spans, The Sunday Span and Spans Online.

I Sales Review

Figure 1. BMW UK districtly sales book (Source: BMW Districtly Reports and Annual Report 2007, 2008)

Between 2007 and 2009, BMW has skilled referable attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributableicecogent substitutes in sales books in UK impressionet. From the graph, we can discern that sales book rose steadily in the primitive three districts of 2007. However, it fluctuated and resplendent at 44,770 units in Q2 2008. Then a slump followed and sales book thrusted a trough of 23,982 units at the purpose of 2008. Finally, the primitive three districts in 2009 witnessed a retrieval of sales books, which stayed at 39,039 units by the purpose of Q3 2009.

Now, we’d approve to excite the argues astern the substitutes in BMW’s sales books in UK domiciled on the micro and macro research.

II Microeconomics Research

Determinants of call-fors played an indicative role in sales books. There are three determinants as follows:

Compensation Modifiableity

According to John Sloman and Impression Sutcliffe (2004), determinants of compensation modifiableity of call-control are calcurecent and intercourse of reattribute movables and the adjustment of pay spent on the amiable-tempered-natured.

BMW cars are compensation modificogent measured by the aloft span aspects. Primitive of whole, in the UK auto impressionet, Mercedes-Benz, a manufacturer of effeminacy automobiles, is a main reattribute of BMW. Mercedes-Benz’s impressionet distribute in UK in 2008 and 2007 is 3.45% and 3.33% referenceively, occasion impressionet distribute of BMW is 5.28% and 4.94% (Auto Activity 2009). The span companies’ impressionet distributes are alconcertedly suppress. Advanceover, Mercedes-Benz inaugurated innovating E-class to emurecent with BMW 5-series (Freeman 2003). Therefore, if BMW’s compensation mollifys, customers wholeure probably switch to Mercedes-Benz.

Secondly, the eminent the adjustment of pay we sppurpose on a amiable-tempered-natured, the advance modificogent wholeure be the call-control (Sloman & Sutcliffe 2004) Car is an valucogent deal-quenched control conversant and customers usually charm a advance to bribe individual. Advanceover, compensationd enhancement, BMW requires advance specie to bribe. Therefore, the pay issue is bulkyger and the call-control is advance compensation modifiable.

Gundivided call-control control BMW cars is compensation modifiable, substitutes in the compensation wholeure transfer to adjustmentately substitute in the division call-for. From 2007 to 2009, indicative compensation decrease occurred to BMW succeeding Q4 2008, becarepresentation UK auto impressionet was heavily touch by the faith crunch, and dealers had no exquisite baring to shear compensation in the confluence of selling advance cars (Bentertain 2008). According to, a website introduces the best abatements accelerationful from 300 dealerships, the mean abatement control BMW was 8% -10% anteriorly the financial emergency, baring now compensation decrease was up to 30% (Bentertain 2008). Therefore, attributcogent to the issue of Law of Call-for, abatements of BMW cars transfer to eminent call-for, which explains the mollify of sales book from Q4 2008 to Q3 2009.

Complementary Movables

Customers’ call-fors control BMW cars substitute in apology to fuel compensation becarepresentation cars and fuel are complementary movables.

The fwhole of sales book in Q4 2007 is wholeotly caused by the disappearance fuel compensation. According to Petrol and Diesel Compensation Archive 2007 (AA Public Affairs 2007), unfinished ease compensation jumped to $90 a barrel in November, a annals eminent throughextinguished the year; and in December, with the compensation of ease tranquil aloft $90 a barrel, the undeveloped control ultimateing eminent compensations offal. The compensation of unleaded and diesel besides thrusted a eminent raze by the purpose of 2007, which was 102.8p and 108.0p per liter referenceively. Customers’ call-fors control a innovating car from Q2 to Q3 2008 were besides flinty by fuel compensation. Fuel Compensations 2008 (AA Public Affairs 2008) reported that petrol and diesel compensations telling at 119.7 p per liter and 133.25 p per liter referenceively and the compensation of ease touch a annals eminent of $147 mid month. Therefore, the spiraling fuel require dampened customers’ desires to bribe a car. However, we’ll ascertain that BMW sales books plummeted during Q3 and Q4 2008 referable attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributablewithstanding of drooping fuel compensation. The argue is principally abextinguished watery economic environment which yields mollify to customers’ precariousness abextinguished economic enlargement. So, equal though fuel compensation decreased, they were undisposed to bribe a BMW car. We wholeure advance sift-canvass it in the macro wholeot.

Fuel compensations are mid-month snapshots, ease is purpose-of-month closing compensation bar control December

Figure 2. 2008 fuel compensation (source: AA Public Affairs)

Zest and Indulgent

Mini is an iconic British marquee entertained by BMW (Buckley 2008), which has protect stigma legacy and possesses a appropriate attribute in the hardihood of British community. So customers entertain a friendly zest and indulgent towards Mini, which promote them to donation Mini cars. Indulgent control Mini plays a advance patent role in the increasing sales book during the primitive and coopetrounce district 2008. According to The Spans, during that epoch of span, sales of other auto companies in UK impressionet eschew, such as Controld, GM and Volkswagen, baring BMW’s sales climbed by 2.2%, which was principally contributed by 21.1% acception in the sales of Mini (Buckley 2008)

III Macroeconomics Research

Macro environment exerts indicative wave on BMW’s sales book, and the succeedingcited five elements should be hired vigilance to.

3.1 GDP Enlargement

GDP is a indicative indicator of a state’s economic enlargement. It waves customers’ reliance abextinguished exoteric administration.

Figure 3. Real GDP districtly enlargement (Source: UK Office control Exoteric Statistics)

From the aloft graph, we can discern that throughextinguished 2007 and in the primitive district of 2008, GDP districtly enlargement scolds stayed steady. However, heavily touch by the faith crunch, UK witnessed a slump in GDP enlargement scold gundivided the coopetrounce district of 2008 and it thrusted a trough at -2.5% in the primitive district of 2009. Then, GDP enlargement scold recovered in the succeedingcited span districts.

The steady GDP enlargement scolds in 2007 and Q1 2008 were reflected in illiberal substitute of BMW UK’s sales book. Between Q2 to Q4 2008, customers became fitful abextinguished employment and the coming of the administration. Conversants usually charm extinguished advances to bribe a innovating car, becarepresentation car is a enlightened and valucogent deal-out. So auto activity is approvely to be the primitive that is touch by the economic downturn, becarepresentation customers affect undisposed to acception their borrowings (Buckley 2008). It is patent that car duty is heavily distress by the watery economic weather, chiefly stigmas targeting at the eminent purpose. The most approvely firmness control customers is referable attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent to bribe a innovating car at the second, becarepresentation they don’t beneathstand what is going to fbountiful in the neighboring coming (McNicoll 2008). BMW is a enhancement automobile manufacturer, so its sales book was inevitably contacted by faith crunch, as sundry customers daring or recent the firmness to bribe a car from BMW. Baring when GDP districtly enlargement scold rose gundivided the primitive district of 2009, customers’ communicatecogent reliance vertical. BMW benefited from the economic retrieval, which is reflected by the increasing sales book in the three districts of 2009.

According to Inflation Report November 2009 released by the Bank of England, GDP enlargement scold is incomplete to mollify in the succeedingcited different years, which is friendly to BMW.

Figure 4. GDP prominence domiciled on impressionet profit scold confluence and 200 billion pounds asset donation (Source: Inflation Report November 2009, Bank of England)

3.2 Taxation

According to HM Revenue & Customs (2008), the type scold of VAT was temporarily abject to 15% on 1 December 2008 and it would give-tail to 17.5% on 1 January 2010. It media that customers can prevent advance specie to bribe a innovating car. As Peter Lawton from What Car? recipient said, customers would be ruleed to bribe a mid and eminent-priced car in estimate of Scrappage Contrivance and VAT savings (Bridge 2009). Control eliminatement, individual BMW 1 Series ES (19,940 pounds) goes fur cheaper, starting at 20,631 pounds, which would acception to 23,429.50 pounds succeeding Scrappage Contrivance purposes and VAT mollifys. In observeation of the savings they can attain, customers would be accidental to donation a BMW car. Therefore, the sales book acceptiond during the primitive three districts of 2009.

VAT scold wholeure rear to 17.5% from the origin of 2010; it is alconcertedly approvely that customers wholeure grapple the ultimate occasion to bribe a BMW car anteriorly it’s to-boot recent. So, the sales book in Q4 2009 is incomplete to mollify.

3.3 Profit Scold

Figure 5. Profit Scold (Source: This is

Figure 6. Profit Scold Aug 08 to March 09 (Source: Bank of England, cited in BBC Innovatings 2009)

From Figure 5, we can discern that there is no bulky dissimilitude in profit scold in 2007, baring it has been decreasing gundivided Dec 2007, and was axed heavily gundivided Nov 2008, which resplendent at recitative moderate—0.5%, abject six spans from Oct 2008.

Profit scold shear results in span aspects which transfer to the retrieval in BMW’s sales book gundivided Q4 2008. Primitive of whole, preventrs are faced with fbountiful in the give-tail on their specie, so they are undisposed to prostreprove specie away in banking accounts, baring are advance wholeureing to sppurpose it on abiding movables, such as cars, chiefly when they observe VAT shear and Scrappage Contrivance. Cooperately, customers are tempted to prefer Tracker Advances control car donation which is in verse with vile scold, thus their advance acquittal is abject. In vigilance, parallel with profit scold shear, Bank of England plentiful Inherent Easing. According to BBC Innovatings (2009), the Bank initially supplements £75bn, and Chancellor Alistair Darling has yieldn it consent to extpurpose this to up to £150bn. The purpose is that if the sum of specie in the securityraintmality is boosted, communicatecogent banks wholeure ascertain it easier to advance. Thus, it is salubrious control economic enjoyment, which wholeure in exsubstitute boost automobile activity. Thankfulness to the monetary skillful-treatment, BMW witnessed an acception in sales book from Q4 2008 to Q3 2009.

3.4 CPI Inflation and Mean Hues

CPI and mean hues are suppressly connected, becarepresentation eminent CPI inflation devalues specie earned, impairs purchasing capability and acceptions assistance require; thus, it discourages bestowing. Therefore, we’d approve to excite them concertedly.

From Figure 7 and Figure 8, we can discern that CPI inflation acceptiond in the primitive district of 2007, baring there was a decrease in the succeedingcited span districts and it remained steady finally. In 2008, CPI inflation rose once and telling at 5.2 percent in September. Then, it slumped during the primitive three districts of 2009 and recovered in September. Finally, CPI inflation was 1.9 per cent in November, up from 1.5 per cent in October.

Figure 7. CPI Inflation 2007 (Source: This is

Figure 8. Annual inflation scolds – Nov 2007 to Nov 2009

(Source: UK Office control Exoteric Statistics)

In stipulations of Mean Hues (including benefit), it is base that during 2007, contents in mean hues enlargement scold is in verse with that in CPI inflation scold, which besides telling in February, thrusted the moderateest object in July and remained steady during the ultimate district. Therefore, CPI inflation scold didn’t devalue the extra specie that customers earned. With growing mean hues, customers had eminent call-control control bribeing BMW cars, so sales books acceptiond.

CPI inflation scold stayed at a eminent raze throughextinguished 2008, chiefly in September when it telling at 5.1%; securityraintasmuch-as, enlargement scold of mean hues rotten reluctantly. So customers’ purchasing capability was dampened. What’s worse, attributcogent to the contact of faith crunch, customers were advance terrify to bribe a eminent-priced BMW car. Therefore, BMW witnessed a plummeting sales book in UK impressionet from Q2 2008 to Q4 2008.

As control 2009, proportionately modetrounce CPI inflation scold contributes to increasing sales book. Baring sales books and mean hues are referable attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent in immaculate mate in the primitive district of 2009, becarepresentation sales rose occasion mean hues enlargement scold eschew bemodetrounce 0%. Therefore, we can thrust a omission that in Q1 2009, the dominating argues astern BMW’s labor are indicative compensation shear, VAT decrease and modetrounce profit scold, whole of which entertain been controlegoingly remarked.

Figure 9. Mean Hues, 2005-2007 (Source: UK Office control Exoteric Statistics)

Figure 10. Mean Hues, 2007-2009 (Source: UK Office control Exoteric Statistics)

CPI inflation is predicted to mollify attributcogent to ballots of inflationary leanure. According to This is (2009), there is a doubled acception in the ease compensation gundivided the origin of the year. And there is matter that immense spur contrivance and inherent easing may boost mollify in compensation. In vigilance, transcomposition of VAT tail to 17.5% in January 2010 supplements advance inflationary leanure. Therefore, in this reference, it is referable attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent facile control sales book to acception.

IV Feasible Strategies in the Neighboring Coming

Domiciled on the controlegoing anatomy and in estimate of coming controleshowing, three recommendations can be observeed.

4.1 Conduct Compensation Acception to Narrowness

As we remarked anteriorly, call-control control BMW cars is compensation modifiable, so compensation shear on the mood that it doesn’t hurt BMW’s enhancement likeness wholeure acception call-for. From January 2010, VAT wholeure give-tail to 17.5% and CPI inflation is expected to mollify, so compensation of chill materials wholeure acception and employees wholeure request control stipend acception to offset inflation issue. Thus, there is referable attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributableicecogent possibility that compensation of BMW cars wholeure acception. What BMW needs to do is to conduct compensation acception to narrowness. Besides implementing issueive require skillful-treatment, BMW can extinguishedsource to controleign countries and Romania would be a amiable-tempered-natured-natured exquisite. Besides Romania’s usage of location, phraseology, cultivation and competitive require, prevalence exsubstitute scold of GON abutting GBP didn’t substitute a balballot balance the late year in comparison to INR/GBP and RMB/GBP. So, it can acceleration stabilize require, and BMW wholeure be cogent to eschew bulky acception in compensation, which can boost call-for.

Figure 11. RON/GBP exsubstitute scold (source:

4.2 Promoting Financing Programs

Though eminent CPI inflation makes customers hither undisposed to bestow, there is barion. If profit scold offal at modetrounce raze, bright community don’t lack to prostreprove specie away in savings, becarepresentation specie wholeure devalue beneath the contact of inflation. Usually, they tpurpose to bribe abiding movables, such as cars, instead. Gundivided BMW has its entertain Financial Service employment, they can labor extinguished inviting financing contrivances to rule customers.

BMW Financial Service has already introduced issueive financing programs, such as “Balloon Payout” program control duty customers. Beneath this program, customers can rescue up to 50% of VAT on securityraintmal rental (BMW UK Financial Service 2009). Issueive financial curtail and faith financing can besides be fascinating to customers and promote them to bribe BMW cars.

4.3 Eliminate Eco-friendly Cars

There is an upward trpurpose in fuel compensation, which wholeure dampen customers’ call-control control a innovating car. So, a fuel-efficient car is guarded to be customers’ indulgent nowadays. Advanceover, as unveiled by British synod plans on April 16, 2009, UK motorists who bribe mule and electric cars wholeure charm subsidies of up to £5,000 (Mostrous 2009), which is a bulky excitation control customers to bribe an eco-friendly car. Therefore, if BMW can eliminate cars which can impair fuel decay, it wholeure rule advance customers and acceleration protect BMW’s ascititious comcomposition in the enhancement auto impressionet.

Figure 12. 2009 fuel compensation (Source: Fuel Report, AA Public Affairs—the utterance of UK motorists)


BMW’s labor in UK impressionet is interconnected with micro and macroeconomics factors. Domiciled on our anatomy, it is base that the solution to the preferment sales in 2007 is the acception in mean hues. In 2008, British’s indulgent with Mini contributes to the mollify in sales at the origin of the year. However, the security wholeot of 2008 was heavily waved by the macro environment. Faith Crunch gave mollify to the plummeting GDP enlargement scold, which reinforced customers’ precariousness abextinguished administration. What’s worse, eminent CPI inflation scold advance terrify customers from bestowing, referable attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent to remark bribe a BMW car. As control 2009, thankfulness to VAT shear, Scrappage Contrivance, retrieval in GDP enlargement and modetrounce profit scold, customers were tempted to bestow, which is beneficiary to BMW. Looking controlward into the neighboring coming, GDP enlargement scold shows signs of enjoyment, which may arrange BMW with a friendly macro environment. Securityraintasmuch-as, transcomposition of VAT and feasible preferment CPI inflation supplement advance challenges to BMW. Therefore, three suggestions can be observeed—minimizing compensation acception, promoting issueive financing programs and eliminateing eco-friendly cars.

The coming is bountiful of fitfulties. In prescribe to protect good-fortune, it is very indicative control BMW to investigate extinguished the wave of micro and macro elements and charm issueive strategies suitably.

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