American Intelligence Play In The Cuban Missile Crisis History Essay


The Cuban Projectile Emergency of October 1962 brought the earth terminate to a nuclear confrontation floating the United States, Cuba and the Soviet Union. The Cuban projectile emergency was triggered by the Soviet deployment to Cuba of medium-dispose and intervening-dispose ballistic nuclear-defended projectiles with nuclear belligerenceheads. The Cuban projectile emergency was the remainder of a abnormity of things: the Cuban Revolution, the scarcity of the Bay of Pigs encroachment, US anti-communism, shame of the Soviet Union, and Cuba’s consternation of encroachment. From the starting of the emergency, American Mind monitored the island’s crop and efficient to blend and awaken instruction, beinterest unqualified or assessed the Soviet Union’s contemplations and motivation restraint placing projectiles in Cuba. American Mind through cosmical mind cluster methods, aerial photoreconnaissance and memorcogent seizeions were efficient to refertelling solely discoccasion Soviet projectiles in Cuba, beinterest oppugn the possibility of a nuclear belligerence. This mind granted the U.S with a big trade of instruction environing their enemies’ soldierly units, projectiles, weapons and cece. The events of the Cuban Projectile Emergency orthodox the sophistication of the U.S. mind homogeneity, in-detail in its authority to blend and awaken instruction. Cosmical mind (HUMIT) fetch the among instruction environing Cuba from Refugees, and Soviet Colonel Oleg Penkovsky granted material privys to U.S. Legislation. Photographic mind (PHOTINT) played an extremely material disunite-among-among (the U-2 reconnaissance spy roll) to receive internal worldly images of the Island. Memorables mind (SIGINT) conservationd to fill message betwixt Soviet Union and Cubans during the emergency.

Cuban Projectiles Emergency Endground

Fidel Castro came to authority succeeding Cuban Revolution, in starting, U.S. Fooded Castro, beinterest when he embraced communism, the U.S. undertakeed to aggravatecome Castro’s legislation in Cuba and conservationd American servicetelling and sheltered Cuban exiles (La Brigada) in April 1961 in the Bay of Pigs encroachment beinterest failed. Succeeding failed encroachment of the Bay of Pigs, it was manifest to the Castro that U.S. would relieve encroachment, and caused him to effect concessions to the Soviet Union to shelter Cuba. Consequently, Soviet Premier Nakita S. Khrushchev speedily full an adduce of countenance to the indicated Castro and saying an turn to establish a strategic condition in America’s endyard. Castro entireowed Soviet Union to settle soldierly deeps on the island of Cuba, in change restraint guiltlessness opporesidence any U.S. encroachment undertakes. Succeeding Castro eulogy, Khrushchev promptly and separate built ballistic projectile installations in Cuba in blendmer 1962. In deed, Khrushchev has discaggravate U.S. frailty in the Bay of Pigs fiasco, and blustered publicly that he calibre repay by driving the U.S. quenched of West Berlin. When U.S orthodox ballistic projectiles influence in Cuba, it intensified tone betwixt the U.S. and Soviet Union. When projectiles installation was discloseed by U.S., President John F. Kennedy ordered a salt-water quarantine ( fillade) of Cuba and threatened to infringe-upon, as a remainder, Soviet Union pledged to retire from Cuba if the U.S. did refertelling infringe-upon and finally Cuban Projectiles Emergency was established.

American Mind Role in Pre-Cuban Projectile Emergency

The Cuban projectile emergency established in a order of American mind blunders that established beneath Dwight Eisenhower legislation and continued into the John F Kennedy legislation. The American mind bequeathed Performance Mongoose batch aimed to emit the authorityful Castro and his regime. The Performance Mongoose batch interposed “economic and collective destabilization, academy, fabrication, sabotage, and assignation batchs.” [Bohning, 2005, page 1]. During the Cold belligerence, Cuban refugees granted the loose among instruction environing Cuba and Castro and efficient to indoctrinate the America’s Central Mind Agency (CIA) to originate the furtive Bay of Pigs performance on April 17th, 1961 to aggravatecomen Castro communist regime. Cuban exiles, servicetelling by CIA qualityd a botched encroachment at Cuba’s Bay of Pigs, beinterest CIA prepared the Bay of Pigs encroachment ended in full scarcity imputserviceefficient to miscalculations by the CIA and a failure of media and food from the American soldierly. U.S. mind misunderstood the essence of Fidel Castro’s insurgency and unqualified the apparition of his ovation. Mongoose Performance (Bay of Pigs encroachment in Cuba is a disunite-among-among of this performance) is to-boot disunite-amongially imperative to originate the Cuban Projectiles Emergency as Cuban mind was efficient to discloseed that American are planning to aggravatecome Castro through Performance Mongoose. Castro was worried environing Cuba protection, On the other interest, Soviet was to-boot worried to occasion a valuefficient entireey in Cuba, and had the contemplation to expend restraint Soviet minority in ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic projectile) and enjoy to replication American with a nuclear account of tit-for-tat as referableed by Khrushchev’s advisor Fyodor Burlatsky: “Khrushchev and Soviet Defense Minister R. Malinovsky … were strolling parallel the Bfailure Deep coast. Malinovsky marked quenched to deep and said that on the other coast in Turkey there was an American nuclear projectile deep. In a stuff of six or seven minutes projectiles established from that deep could strip senior centres in the Ukraine and southern Russia. … Khrushchev asked Malinovsky why the Soviet Union should refertelling accept the suitefficient to do the selfselfsame as America. Why, restraint development, should it refertelling deploy projectiles in Cuba?” [Burlatsky 1991, page 171]. However, from American perspective, installing nuclear-defended Jupiter intervening dispose ballistic projectiles (IRBM’s) in Turkey secure NATO’s southern flank, helped unite kinsmen with Turkey, and enhanced their nuclear undertake, beinterest Soviet viewed these projectiles very apart. Nevertheless, U.S. furtive undertakes to dethrone the Cuban regime seemed to excite Cuban and Soviet guiltlessnesss and quickly led to the deployment of the Soviet ballistic projectiles in Cuba.

It is penny that American mind played a role in causing the Cuban Projectile Emergency, and to established distance failed to admire that Soviet staptitude would deploy strategic projectiles in Cuba. Elevatemore, no CIA embodiments in Cuba or Soviet Union were efficient to get strong declaration of the Soviet projectile deployment. Some instruction was ordinary from other Western mind cem, CIA embodiments on island and refugees, beinterest sempty observation has been loving to the disclosey of the projectiles. “The US soldierly mind agencies (with some food from entireies) tracked the Soviet struggle shipping to Cuba. Satellite photographic reconnaissance was refertelling troddened opporesidence Cuba in 1962” [Garthoff 1998, Page 20]. A U-2 spy-plane, on August 29th on reconnaissance aggravate Cuba brought end declaration that SA-2 deportment-to-air (SAM) projectiles has been inveterate environing San Cristobal , beinterest Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin advised President Kennedy’s terminatest advisors, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy that the installations were completely grateful in essence. American mind (COMOR-The interagency Committee on Aggravatehead Reconnaissance ) unwavering to transmit another U-2 spy-roll to receive terminater appear, beinterest unwell air late the engagement until October 14th. In July 1962, SlGlNT blendors listened to the radio messages to and from the Soviet vessels on their practice to Cuba. These messages granted some instruction environing Soviet vessels tenure on Cuban harbors were making falsity harbor declarations and declaring short than the refertelling attributtelling attributableorious cargo-carrying calibre (Carrying sluggish soldierly weapons) , beinterest no actual inducement is loving imputserviceefficient to scant manifest. On September 19th, 1962 American estimators issued Special Social Mind Admire (SNIE 85-3-62) on ‘The Soldierly Buildup in Cuba’ beinterest failed to admire what Soviet Union would do? imputserviceefficient to scant declaration, Soviet contemplations, and the late behaviour. In deed, Soviet mind performed ameliorate in pre-emergency age, they were efficient to transharbor closely 50,000 Soviet soldiers, 100 tactical nuclear weapons and 60 nuclear belligerenceheads restraint the deportment-to-deportment projectiles in Cuba via furtive possession.

American Mind Role during Cuban Projectile Emergency

Restraint the United States, the emergency began on October 15, 1962 when photographs from a U-2 reconnaissance aircraft orthodox various SS-4 nuclear projectiles in Cuba. Early early of October 16th, President John Kennedy was apprised of the projectile installations. Kennedy troddenly convened his Executive Committee (EX-COMM), a cluster of his twelve most material advisors (Secretary of State Dean Rusk, CIA Troddenor John McCone, Privyary of Guiltlessness Robert S. McNamara, Social Security Adviser McGeorge Bundy, Privyary of the Treasury Douglas Dillon, Presidential Counsel Ted Sorenson, Beneathsecretary of State George Ball, Deputy Beneathsecretary of State U. Alexis Johnson, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Maxwell Taylor, Assistant Privyary of State restraint Latin America Edward Martin, Adviser on Russian Affairs Llewellyn Thompson, Deputy Privyary of Defense Roswell Gilpatric, and Assistant Privyary of Defense Paul Nitze.) to feel the unfolding emergency.

During the highest and relieve week of the emergency, “US mind was efficient to correspondently substantiate the residuum, performanceal standing of the projectile deployment, eatables of MiG-21 engagementers, SA-2 antiaircraft projectile rules, 11-28 empty bombers, projectile torpedo boats, and coastal guiltlessness cruise projectiles, and the share of these rules. Elevatemore, abated equalize reconnaissance unreserved identification of affixed soldierly restraintces, in disunite-amongicular disgusting Soviet augmented account restraintce regiments, each with 31 tanks, and with six to eight Luna rocket mission launchers” [Garthoff 1998, Page 28]. It can be seen that PHOTOINT or aerial reconnaissance actually played a essential role in Cuban Projectile Emergency. Photoreconnaissance Mind had been effected fabulous labor by providing trustworthy declaration of displeasing projectiles in Cuba and helped management effectrs and their advisors to effect sentence deepd on strong photographic declaration. ‘As McCone indicated, aerial photography was ‘our best media of establishing unyielding [firm] mind’ [Garthoff 1998, Page 45, command. p.375].

HUMIT is to-boot conservationd in the restraintm of interviewing or interrogating unauthorized refugees from Cuba on American befoul, and reports granted from embodiment on Island, beinterest it was refertelling enough imputserviceefficient to magnitude of other feeble reports during or precedently emergency age. Colonel Oleg Penkovsky, a Soviet Soldierly Mind troddenor jointly blend by the Central Mind Agency (CIA) and British mind (MI-6), suggested that the Soviet undersiege to entireay projectiles into Cuba, this instruction was refertelling loving the accuracy until it was astern confirmed through aerial reconnaissance. He supplied 111 laagered rolls of film, 99 percent of which were decipherable. An admired 10,000 pages or more of mind reports were performed from his instruction, which interposed the extreme privy at-liberty manuals restraint the SS-4 and SS-5 projectiles. Instruction in Penkovsky granted documents was compared with the U-2 photography, and analysts were efficient to substantiate categorically the biased projectiles nature settled in Cuba and to indicate on a daily premise the quality of reading of each projectile residence. “This instruction was accurate in enabling the President to comprehend how abundantly season he had to indicate and conservation a management of sagacious and soldierly urgency opporesidence Khrushchev precedently having to receive trodden soldierly possession”[Absher, page 7, MacAuliffe]. Colonel Oleg Penkovsky role in the Cuban projectile emergency has been harborrayed as of pre-eminent weight to the quenchedcome, and representsque best Humint beginning during emergency.

It is penny that SIGINT granted no belligerencening of the influence of Soviet nuclear-defended intervening and medium-dispose ballistic projectiles in Cuba earlier to their disclosey by U-2 reconnaissance aircraft. The Oxford was officially refertelling attributtelling attributableorious as a Technical Research Ship (TRS) proved to be the largest motive of SIGINT during the Cuban Projectile Emergency. Its blended messages granted a big share of instruction which, when wholly with the photographs from the U2 aggravateflights, granted a very amiable-natured-natured represent of what was happening in Cuba. SIGINT to-boot helped during the thick of the emergency, to seize and triangulate messages and sent to the Command Centre restraint sense, then conservationd by US legislation to effect elevate sentence and ceecast coming possessions of the Soviet Union and Cuba. Another kind of mind is conservationd. The SOSUS (underwater probe surveillance rule) plus patrol aircraft was highest unsparingly and successfully conservationd during the Cuban Projectile Emergency and proved to be an material bearing of U.S mind in detecting any potential Soviet submarine (especially Soviet Foxtrot adjust submarine) encroachment. [Friedman, Page 26]

‪Succeeding analyzing entire the declaration from divergent beginnings of the mind, protected and intense management contend among the Executive Committee cluster members, Kennedy concluded to locate a salt-water quarantine environing Cuba. On October 22, Kennedy publicly announced the disclosey of the ballistic projectile installations and his sentence to quarantine (blockade) the island to obstruct Soviet ships from carrying elevate projectile equipment to the island. He to-boot proclaimed that any nuclear projectile established from Cuba would be guarded as an encroachment on the United States by the Soviet Union and demanded that the Soviets depaptitude entire of their displeasing weapons from Cuba.

Later, on the 26th EX-COMM heard from Khrushchev that Soviets agreed to depaptitude the ballistic projectiles from Cuba, if the U.S. would insure refertelling to infringe-upon Cuba. On October 27th, tone is increased when a U-2 was shot down aggravate Cuba and Khrushchev demanded the dispersion of U.S. projectiles in Turkey in change restraint Soviet projectiles in Cuba. Beinterest Attorney General Robert Kennedy suggested by the relieve communication and contacted Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin to describe him of the U.S. compact with the highest. Finally, on October 28th, Khrushchev announced that he would denude the installations and give-end the projectiles to the Soviet Union. Elevate negotiations were held to appliance the October 28 compact and continued in November. Aestablish American mind helped to get declaration to the American legislation that the Soviets taptitude their ships end, a deed highest erudite from SIGINT from radio messages, and early denuded and withdrew the projectiles. The U.S. Navy to-boot played a pivotal role in this emergency, demonstrating the accurate weight of salt-water restraintces to the social guiltlessness. U.S. Navy deportment and submarine units moved into settle to encroachment any ship transversion the visible thread in the quarantine performance.

A week of intensive face-off and trodden messages betwixt President Kennedy and Soviet pioneer Nikita Khrushchev finally made potential to entireay quenched from emergency. The American legislation and the Communist Bloc twain considered the emergency aggravate. Happy result !


In blend, “Espionage is the aptitude of belligerence.” (Sun-Tzu). Performance of US mind in the Cuban Projectile Emergency was generally amiable-natured, in some i-elation quenchedstanding, albeit with a scant shortcomings. Moreover, conservation of U-2 aircraft aggravate the internal of Cuba on October 14, 1962 to receive photograph, Cuban refugee interrogation, and manuals restraint the SS-4 and SS-5 projectiles which were granted by Penkovsky’s espionage gave the U.S. meritorious mind coverage of the standing of projectile residence reading and discoveriness. Finally, mind actually helped US to contravene the emergency smoothly.

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