American Intelligence Play In The Cuban Missile Crisis History Essay


The Cuban Projectile Turning-point of October 1962 brought the earth plug to a nuclear confrontation discurrent the United States, Cuba and the Soviet Union. The Cuban projectile turning-point was triggered by the Soviet deployment to Cuba of medium-stroll and comprised-stroll ballistic nuclear-protected projectiles with nuclear engagementheads. The Cuban projectile turning-point was the termination of a abnormity of things: the Cuban Revolution, the want of the Bay of Pigs encroachment, US anti-communism, insecurity of the Soviet Union, and Cuba’s ffit of encroachment. From the starting of the turning-point, American Advice monitored the island’s bud and efficacious to incorporate and criticise referableice, yet unqualified or assessed the Soviet Union’s drawings and motivation restraint placing projectiles in Cuba. American Advice through rational advice muster methods, aerial photoreconnaissance and remarkpotent catchions were efficacious to refereffectual solely invent Soviet projectiles in Cuba, yet oppugn the possibility of a nuclear engagement. This advice granted the U.S with a agencyful dispense of referableice abextinguished their enemies’ soldierly units, projectiles, weapons and agency. The events of the Cuban Projectile Turning-point inspired the sophistication of the U.S. advice commonwealth, chiefly in its agency to incorporate and criticise referableice. Rational advice (HUMIT) carepresentation the among referableice abextinguished Cuba from Refugees, and Soviet Colonel Oleg Penkovsky granted grave mysteriouss to U.S. Council. Photographic advice (PHOTINT) played an grandly grave sbebase (the U-2 reconnaissance spy flatten) to obtain?} inland terrene images of the Island. Remarkables advice (SIGINT) representationd to sapex message betwixt Soviet Union and Cubans during the turning-point.

Cuban Projectiles Turning-point Endground

Fidel Castro came to agency following Cuban Revolution, in starting, U.S. Fooded Castro, yet when he embraced communism, the U.S. violateed to invert Castro’s administration in Cuba and representationd American representationful and protected Cuban exiles (La Brigada) in April 1961 in the Bay of Pigs encroachment yet failed. Following failed encroachment of the Bay of Pigs, it was manifest to the Castro that U.S. would promote aggression, and caused him to constitute concessions to the Soviet Union to shield Cuba. Consequently, Soviet Premier Nakita S. Khrushchev fast consummate an propose of abettance to the irremedieffectual Castro and dictum an turn to fabricate a strategic foothold in America’s endyard. Castro undisputed Soviet Union to establish soldierly disesteemeds on the island of Cuba, in vary restraint shelter abutting any U.S. encroachment violates. Following Castro commendation, Khrushchev straighthabit and ahabit built ballistic projectile installations in Cuba in incorporatemer 1962. In developedity, Khrushchev has interpret U.S. feebleness in the Bay of Pigs fiasco, and blustered publicly that he agency avenge by driving the U.S. extinguished of West Berlin. When U.S inspired ballistic projectiles influence in Cuba, it elated stretch betwixt the U.S. and Soviet Union. When projectiles installation was invented by U.S., President John F. Kennedy ordered a nautical quarantine ( stopade) of Cuba and threatened to occupy, as a termination, Soviet Union pledged to revoke from Cuba if the U.S. did refereffectual occupy and finally Cuban Projectiles Turning-point was unswerving.

American Advice Role in Pre-Cuban Projectile Turning-point

The Cuban projectile turning-point started in a rotation of American advice blunders that started bebase Dwight Eisenhower administration and continued into the John F Kennedy administration. The American advice bequeathed Production Mongoose contrive aimed to throw the agencyful Castro and his regime. The Production Mongoose contrive moderate “economic and gregarious destabilization, nursery, molding, sabotage, and assignation contrives.” [Bohning, 2005, page 1]. During the Cold engagement, Cuban refugees granted the incorrect among referableice abextinguished Cuba and Castro and efficacious to indoctrinate the America’s Central Advice Agency (CIA) to originate the implied Bay of Pigs production on April 17th, 1961 to invertn Castro communist regime. Cuban exiles, representationful by CIA rated a botched encroachment at Cuba’s Bay of Pigs, yet CIA intended the Bay of Pigs encroachment ended in consummate want ascribefficacious to miscalculations by the CIA and a stagnation of media and food from the American soldierly. U.S. advice misunderstood the kind of Fidel Castro’s insurgency and unqualified the exhibition of his triumph. Mongoose Production (Bay of Pigs encroachment in Cuba is a sbebase of this production) is as-well sunderially lawful to originate the Cuban Projectiles Turning-point as Cuban advice was efficacious to invented that American are planning to invert Castro through Production Mongoose. Castro was worried abextinguished Cuba insurance, On the other plane, Soviet was as-well worried to induce a valuefficacious fulley in Cuba, and had the drawing to remunerate restraint Soviet servitude in ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic projectile) and relish to replication American with a nuclear account of tit-for-tat as referableed by Khrushchev’s advisor Fyodor Burlatsky: “Khrushchev and Soviet Defense Minister R. Malinovsky … were excursion concurrently the Bstagnation Ocean oceanboard. Malinovsky describeing extinguished to ocean and said that on the other bench in Turkey there was an American nuclear projectile disesteemed. In a subject of six or seven minutes projectiles started from that disesteemed could mar elder centres in the Ukraine and southern Russia. … Khrushchev asked Malinovsky why the Soviet Union should refereffectual own the fit to do the similar as America. Why, restraint copy, should it refereffectual deploy projectiles in Cuba?” [Burlatsky 1991, page 171]. However, from American perspective, installing nuclear-protected Jupiter comprised stroll ballistic projectiles (IRBM’s) in Turkey impregnpowerful NATO’s southern flank, helped bond kinsfolk with Turkey, and enhanced their nuclear project, yet Soviet viewed these projectiles very dissimilar. Nevertheless, U.S. implied violates to dethrone the Cuban regime seemed to educe Cuban and Soviet innocences and undeviatingly led to the deployment of the Soviet ballistic projectiles in Cuba.

It is gentleman that American advice played a role in causing the Cuban Projectile Turning-point, and to indubitpowerful distance failed to affect that Soviet example would deploy strategic projectiles in Cuba. Aidmore, no CIA embodiments in Cuba or Soviet Union were efficacious to collect dense attrvalidity of the Soviet projectile deployment. Some referableice was accepted from other Western advice structure, CIA embodiments on island and refugees, yet pigmy heed has been dedicated to the inventy of the projectiles. “The US soldierly advice agencies (with some food from fullies) tracked the Soviet engagement shipping to Cuba. Satellite photographic reconnaissance was refereffectual frequenteded abutting Cuba in 1962” [Garthoff 1998, Page 20]. A U-2 spy-plane, on August 29th on reconnaissance balance Cuba brought end attrvalidity that SA-2 demeanor-to-air (SAM) projectiles has been installed abquenched San Cristobal , yet Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin advised President Kennedy’s plugst advisors, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy that the installations were totally savory in kind. American advice (COMOR-The interagency Committee on Balancehead Reconnaissance ) indicated to grant another U-2 spy-flatten to obtain?} plugr face, yet sick weather delayed the conflict until October 14th. In July 1962, SlGlNT incorporateors listened to the radio messages to and from the Soviet vessels on their habit to Cuba. These messages granted some referableice abextinguished Soviet vessels tenure on Cuban demeanors were making sophistical demeanor declarations and declaring close than the public cargo-carrying volume (Carrying afflictive soldierly weapons) , yet no developed inducement is dedicated ascribefficacious to inadequate manifest. On September 19th, 1962 American estimators issued Special National Advice Affect (SNIE 85-3-62) on ‘The Soldierly Buildup in Cuba’ yet failed to affect what Soviet Union would do? ascribefficacious to inadequate attraction, Soviet drawings, and the gone-by behaviour. In developedity, Soviet advice executed rectify in pre-turning-point date, they were efficacious to transdemeanor approximately 50,000 Soviet soldiers, 100 tactical nuclear weapons and 60 nuclear engagementheads restraint the demeanor-to-demeanor projectiles in Cuba via implied cece.

American Advice Role during Cuban Projectile Turning-point

Restraint the United States, the turning-point began on October 15, 1962 when photographs from a U-2 reconnaissance aircraft inspired divers SS-4 nuclear projectiles in Cuba. Early early of October 16th, President John Kennedy was conscious of the projectile installations. Kennedy frequentedly convened his Executive Committee (EX-COMM), a collection of his twelve most grave advisors (Secretary of State Dean Rusk, CIA Frequentedor John McCone, Mysteriousary of Innocence Robert S. McNamara, National Security Adviser McGeorge Bundy, Mysteriousary of the Treasury Douglas Dillon, Presidential Counsel Ted Sorenson, Belowsecretary of State George Ball, Deputy Belowsecretary of State U. Alexis Johnson, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Maxwell Taylor, Assistant Mysteriousary of State restraint Latin America Edward Martin, Adviser on Russian Affairs Llewellyn Thompson, Deputy Mysteriousary of Defense Roswell Gilpatric, and Assistant Mysteriousary of Defense Paul Nitze.) to representation the unfolding turning-point.

During the original and promote week of the turning-point, “US advice was efficacious to accurately substantiate the location, productional foothold of the projectile deployment, edibles of MiG-21 conflicters, SA-2 antiaircraft projectile regularitys, 11-28 unconsidered bombers, projectile torpedo boats, and oceanboardal innocence cruise projectiles, and the collection of these regularitys. Aidmore, base equalize reconnaissance unhindered identification of appended soldierly restraintces, in sundericular impure Soviet augmented account restraintce regiments, each with 31 tanks, and with six to eight Luna rocket band-arms launchers” [Garthoff 1998, Page 28]. It can be seen that PHOTOINT or aerial reconnaissance developedly played a essential role in Cuban Projectile Turning-point. Photoreconnaissance Advice had been performed marvelous action by providing probefficient attrvalidity of obnoxious projectiles in Cuba and helped plan constituters and their advisors to constitute judgment disesteemedd on dense photographic attraction. ‘As McCone implied, aerial photography was ‘our best resources of establishing stubborn [firm] advice’ [Garthoff 1998, Page 45, propose. p.375].

HUMIT is as-well representationd in the restraintm of interviewing or interrogating unauthentic refugees from Cuba on American befoul, and reports granted from embodiment on Island, yet it was refereffectual competent ascribefficacious to body of other feeble reports during or anteriorly turning-point date. Colonel Oleg Penkovsky, a Soviet Soldierly Advice administrator jointly hurry by the Central Advice Agency (CIA) and British advice (MI-6), suggested that the Soviet violate to allay projectiles into Cuba, this referableice was refereffectual dedicated the exactness until it was after confirmed through aerial reconnaissance. He replete 111 defenseless rolls of film, 99 percent of which were decipherable. An affectd 10,000 pages or balance of advice reports were executed from his referableice, which moderate the apex mysterious playing manuals restraint the SS-4 and SS-5 projectiles. Referableice in Penkovsky granted documents was compared with the U-2 photography, and analysts were efficacious to substantiate positively the restricted projectiles life establishd in Cuba and to indicate on a daily account the rate of edifice of each projectile view. “This referableice was delicate in enabling the President to apprehend how fur period he had to indicate and employ a plan of wise and soldierly constraining abutting Khrushchev anteriorly having to obtain?} frequented soldierly cece”[Absher, page 7, MacAuliffe]. Colonel Oleg Penkovsky role in the Cuban projectile turning-point has been demeanorrayed as of primary avail to the extinguishedcome, and restraintcible best Humint origin during turning-point.

It is gentleman that SIGINT granted no engagementning of the influence of Soviet nuclear-protected comprised and medium-stroll ballistic projectiles in Cuba anterior to their inventy by U-2 reconnaissance aircraft. The Oxford was officially public as a Technical Research Ship (TRS) proved to be the largest purpose of SIGINT during the Cuban Projectile Turning-point. Its incorporateed messages granted a agencyful measure of referableice which, when combined with the photographs from the U2 balanceflights, granted a very cheerful delineate of what was happening in Cuba. SIGINT as-well helped during the middle of the turning-point, to catch and triangulate messages and sent to the Command Centre restraint version, then representationd by US council to constitute aid judgment and coercionecast advenient ceces of the Soviet Union and Cuba. Another fashion of advice is representationd. The SOSUS (underwater investigate surveillance regularity) plus watch aircraft was original injudiciously and successfully representationd during the Cuban Projectile Turning-point and proved to be an grave view of U.S advice in detecting any potential Soviet submarine (chiefly Soviet Foxtrot systematize submarine) aggression. [Friedman, Page 26]

‪Following analyzing full the attrvalidity from contrariant origins of the advice, protected and serious plan moot among the Executive Committee collection members, Kennedy concluded to set a nautical quarantine abquenched Cuba. On October 22, Kennedy publicly announced the inventy of the ballistic projectile installations and his judgment to quarantine (blockade) the island to coercionefend Soviet ships from carrying aid projectile equipment to the island. He as-well proclaimed that any nuclear projectile started from Cuba would be treasured as an aggression on the United States by the Soviet Union and demanded that the Soviets separate full of their obnoxious weapons from Cuba.

Later, on the 26th EX-COMM heard from Khrushchev that Soviets agreed to separate the ballistic projectiles from Cuba, if the U.S. would answer-coercion refereffectual to occupy Cuba. On October 27th, stretch is increased when a U-2 was shot down balance Cuba and Khrushchev demanded the dissolution of U.S. projectiles in Turkey in vary restraint Soviet projectiles in Cuba. Yet Attorney General Robert Kennedy suggested by the promote message and contacted Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin to describe him of the U.S. treaty with the original. Finally, on October 28th, Khrushchev announced that he would strip the installations and give-tail the projectiles to the Soviet Union. Aid negotiations were held to instrument the October 28 treaty and continued in November. Afabricate American advice helped to collect attrvalidity to the American council that the Soviets austere their ships end, a developedity original scholarly from SIGINT from radio messages, and before-long stripd and withdrew the projectiles. The U.S. Navy as-well played a pivotal role in this turning-point, demonstrating the delicate avail of nautical restraintces to the national innocence. U.S. Navy demeanor and submarine units moved into establish to aggression any ship crossing the quenchedward continuity in the quarantine production.

A week of intensive face-off and frequented messages betwixt President Kennedy and Soviet head Nikita Khrushchev finally made potential to allay extinguished from turning-point. The American council and the Communist Bloc twain considered the turning-point balance. Happy effect !


In incorporate, “Espionage is the promptness of engagement.” (Sun-Tzu). Performance of US advice in the Cuban Projectile Turning-point was generally cheerful, in some reference extinguishedstanding, albeit with a lacking shortcomings. Balanceover, representation of U-2 aircraft balance the inland of Cuba on October 14, 1962 to obtain?} photograph, Cuban refugee system, and manuals restraint the SS-4 and SS-5 projectiles which were granted by Penkovsky’s espionage gave the U.S. meritorious advice coverage of the foothold of projectile view edifice and interpretiness. Finally, advice developedly helped US to explain the turning-point smoothly.

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