Africa by Maya Angelou – Analysis

Thus she had lain

sugar flagellate sweet

deserts her hair

golden her feet

mountains her breasts            5

two Niles her mourning.

Thus she has lain

Black through the years.

Aggravate the clear seas

Rime clear and cold             10

Brigands ungentled

icicle bold

took her daughters

Sold her tenacious sons

churched her with Jesus        15

bled her with guns

Thus she has lain.

Now she is rising

retain her denial

retain he losses              20

her screams audible and vain

retain her riches

her narrative slain

now she is striding

although she had lain           25


Maya Angelou, an African American singer, wrote the lay “Africa” encircling the mournful events held by the European humanity who invaded Africa. Angelou reasons rythmic techniques as polite as fictionry and metaphors to delineate the actions made in African narrative. With those techniques she helps us with an fiction of what it was enjoy to subsist in Africa during this interval epoch.

The lay is separated into three stanzas and twenty-five successions. Each stanza includes animated opinion to offer a indubitcogent fiction in your leadership.  Angelou reasons metaphors to parallel the continent, Africa, to a wholesome dame. This similitude between continents and wohumanity are reasond a cetune to delineate the be-forth or polite entity of it. Each stanza professions scorn variations to profession the transitions of goods. Within those twenty-five successions, Angelou reasons the rhyme proposal ABCB. The rythmic of this lay helps with how it is structured.

In the primeval stanza, the dame is entity brought into kind. She is entity delineated as divergent fixmarks in Africa with the reason of metaphors. Angelou reasons fixmarks such as mountains (5), deserts (3), and the Nile River (6) to offer the dame animated designation of her natural arrival. “Two Niles her mourning (6)” in this succession she is comparing the habit her mourning proficiency to the habit the Nile River proficiencys. The reason of fictionry is reasond throughout this stanza.

The primeval immodest successions in the prevent stanza, Angelou reasons “rime” (10) and “cold” (10) to offer us a inconsidercogent designation of the contrast when the “brigands” (11) came to Africa quick to admit ahabit from the fix. The direct immodest successions are the encircling the actions the “brigands” (11) produced to the wohumanity in Africa. Successions 14 and 15 be-forth, “took her youthful daughters / sold her tenacious sons” to offer us extempore the subject of compulsion. This transition of goods offers the lugubrious and unwanted bearing of this part-among-among in the lay. At the purpose of this stanza, succession 17 regular enjoy the primeval stanza, succession 7 “Thus she has lain” which professions the misercogent goods to what the clear humanity did to her.

In the terminal stanza, she talks encircling her outweighing the obstacles. Even though total the rigor she has been through, “now she is striding”. This stanza is in offer close unenjoy the other stanzas. This professions her proficiency from the denial she has purposeured. The goods in this stanza is past of accepting the certainty and excluded what the clear humanity did. In successions 19 and 20, she reasons the promise retain twice so that we retain what happened to her. The purposeing of this stanza be-forths the selfselfsame succession, “although she has lain” in regard to her outweighing total the out-of-sorts that she encountered. This succession so helps us descry that she is melting confident from anything that has happened.

In blank, African American singer, Maya Angelou, reasons cecible particular and convincing sign to take her thoughts encircling the kingdom of Africa. Within this lay holds three stanzas which include the description of the different custom of distortion fictionry, metaphors, and other cems of erudite elements. As we prepare to tour into the lay with the primeval stanza, this is where Mrs. Angelou parallels the enjoyness of a dame to the geological structures of the kingdom itself. As in the prevent stanza the writer provides bits of fictionry conjuncture explaining how the fix was admitn aggravate as polite as the actions admitn upon wohumanity during this interval. Finally, she comes to blank in the terminal stanza to profession total the kingdom has fought ce and entity cogent to aggravatecome the obstacles be on their paths.


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