Advantages And Disadvantages Of Project Management Information Technology Essay

A contrivance is an subordinatecatch that catchs balance to comaspect a manifestation or labor. Simply, it is organizing full the required instrument in a purposeureent course to encounter the expected termination. There are rare characteristics in a contrivance. They are; Initiate and object, term cycles, budget, activities, instrument, only head of province, fixed tracking, team roles and analogys. Moreover, there are brace types in contrivances as Interdissettled contrivances and Domiciliary contrivances.

1.2 Contrivance Administration: –

Contrivance Administration is the superintendential subordinatecatch that assembling full the applications that required encountering the expected termination of the contrivance (, 21.11.2012 at 1.55 p.m). There are nine conversance areas in Contrivance administration. (Integration, opportunity, character, aim, require, HRM, message, procurement and miss). It would be advantageous to produce apprehension on each of them partially.

1.2.1 Contrivance stakeholders’ decomposition:-

Contrivance stakeholders are the populace who subordinatecatch with contrivance such as customers, sustaining parts, buyers, staff expectation. The contrivance stakeholders decomaspect is a muniment included with advantageous counsel encircling contrivance stakeholders.

1.2.2 Contrivance charter

Contrivance charter is a legitimate muniment that verified by the guide contrivance stakeholders sufferting the addresss on contrivance administration and concretes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Contrivance Administration: –

Advantages: – Contrivance administration provides so frequent fixedtled axioms to the cems. The honorable action and regulate of instrument that purposeure amid the cem; such as finance, material evidences, civilized instrument. Although, contrivance administration is grave coercion discernmly customer analogy since it is basically focuses on customer contentment at the object of the contrivance instrumentation. Moreover, the contrivance administration is grave in providing power to clear the cem in abrupt determination of opportunity. In abstracted it courses to the cheap require of clearment of the cem. The contrivance administration is advantageous in restraining troop manifestation character proficiency and augmentation the relipower of the labors or manifestations (, 21.11.2012 at 2.00 p.m).

Although, the contrivance administration helps to achieving proud revenues and besides it submits the proficiency of the manifestationivity. The rectify coordination amid the cemal departments and appropriateals would be educed by the contrivance administrations and it rule to the scourse administration of the employees. Abstractedally, it directs to the proud laborer manners. The contrivance administration software could acquaint what feel to be dindividual firstly and it reminds that what can be coerciongotten.

Disadvantages: – The contrivance administration has indirect circumstanceors so as the fixedtled circumstanceors mentioned aloft. When using contrivance administration alsols some populace reformiond to earn miserable as it discernms up-hill to reformion. In correspondence with that, cem has to spobject opportunity on grafting the staff to produce them courteous-mannered-acquainted with the contrivance administration alsols.

Although, the smfull contrivances could catch representationless ponderation that impair also ponderable opportunity on them. Besides, the contrivance administration alsols scarcityed balballot of postulates to educe an extinguishedput. Moreover, the contrivance administration software is an dear alsol that require proud sum than others.

Different types of contrivances: –

There are frequent types of contrivances could signed when ponder encircling contrivance administration. Basically contrivances could disunite into brace.

Interdissettled contrivances

Domiciliary contrivances (Local contrivances)

Interdissettled contrivances are ponderable enormous than domiciliary contrivances as it connected balance dissettled framework. Moreover, there could discern contrivances categorized according to themes or the areas they focused on. As examples: IT contrivances, Construction contrivances, Software clearment contrivances, Advertizing contrivances, Infrastructure contrivances, Science contrivances, Sports contrivances, Excavation contrivances, Destination administration contrivances and so on.

1.5 Duties of the Contrivance Superintendent: –

Contrivance superintendent is the appropriate who is fully subordinate obligation coercion the contrivance. He reformions his conversance on earlier contrivances to the victory of the fantastic contrivance he labormanles. Although contrivance superintendent regularly rescourse in reach with the contrivance constituents to invent extinguished whether they do the expected to do or he had to intrust that trust to another constituent who is fairly feel power to design that part than the coercionmer appropriate. In abstracted he directs full the constituents in contrivance and helps them to do their parts reformly. Continues address and address is individual of the parts of Contrivance Manger. Morebalance he should coercionecast the manifestations that could manifestation to the contrivance in advenient and he should catch actions to neutralize the problems anteriorly they blooms. Contrivance superintendent should be a miss superintendent. He should test the compute individual miss and mange it gratefully the contrivance expectations (Colin Bentley,, 23/11/2012 at 7.00 p.m).

On the other laborman Contrivance Superintendent is the subordinate obligation appropriate coercion communicating the contrivance foundation to the material superintendents so as to the clients. The victory of the contrivance is the contentment of client; in abstracted Contrivance Superintendents are sensitive to rescourse the links with the clients opportunity the contrivance is in manner. Otherwise the termination of the contrivance restraintce referable be in a aspect to encounter the customer contentment. Morebalance he directs the conclusion making manner of the contrivance. The cheapest flatten conclusion making could labormanle by the contrivance superintendent in his own.

More encircling contrivance administration and contrivance administration alsols earn be ponder in the aftercited chapters.


2.1 What is contrivance administration: –

The superintendential manner of business some species of listed activities to object the targeted termination simply established contrivance administration. The administration of nine conversance areas categorized subordinate the contrivance administration is another determination educes to dehonorable this theme. They are Integration administration, Aim administration, Opportunity administration, Require administration, Character administration, Civilized Expedients administration, Message administration, Miss administration and Procurement administration.

2.2 Importance of the contrivance administration: –

Contrivance administration is basically measuring the undeveloped misss and inventing solutions coercion the coercionecasted problems. Therefore, contrivance administration is grave in frequent axioms. Such as, managing requires, loftier manifestationivity, miss regulate and object the established concrete.

Produce the manifestationive reformion of instrument to object the goals and minimizing waamount would be beneficial coercion require administration. Generates manifestations in the full course that restrains twain character and part has mentioned as loftier manifestationivity. Power to regulate the undeveloped misss and produce solutions is individual of the grave circumstance in contrivance administration. Power to object established goals instrument encountering the contentment of the customer at ultimate.

2.3 Amounts of contrivance administration: –

Contrivance administration theme could be dividing into five amounts. Those amounts feel interaction with each other as a divergence.

Initiates the contrivance

Planning the contrivance

Executing the contrivance

Monitoring and regulateling the contrivance

Bar extinguished the contrivance

The contrivance initiating is a censorious part in amounts of contrivance administration. Contrivance defining is determining the reform expected termination. Subordinate this amount, authorized order coercion contrivance charter and the budearn earn be signed. Although the contrivance order and other stakeholders earn be signed opportunity specifys the aim of the contrivance.

Planning the contrivance is another inert part which is combining full the instrument that required making the contrivance victory. Material instrument, financial instrument, civilized instrument, opportunityline would be collaborate by this amount opportunity contrive the advenient conflicts that could be courses amid the contrivance.

Contrivance preventive is doing the activities that earlierly intentional. Administration of multitudinous axioms and labor with the undeveloped manifestations and misss, rescourse links with stakeholders would rescourse the contrivance in the reform trackwayfashion on this amount.

Contrivance monitoring and regulateling is convey extinguished analogous to the contrivance preventive. This is the amount of minute whether the contrivance runs in the correct trackwayfashion or rescourse the trackwayfashion of the contrivance convey on. If there is any manifestation with the contrivances course of present it would be reformed by this amount.

Bar extinguished the contrivance is the object of the purposeureing contrivance. It may be achieving the tarearn or expected termination. There are sundry activities connected with contrivance bar extinguished. Laborman balance contrivance deliverables to the customers, if there are any dissettled contracts they should be bard anteriorly the contrivance bar extinguished, the contrivance staff should be released and fame the contrivance victory to the sponsor are the guide activities of the contrivance bar extinguished.

2.4 Integration administration:

Integration is conjoining the deep contrivance administration components; Planning, Preventive and Regulate.

2.5 Contrivance aim administration: –

The administration manner of indicating the undiminished parts of the contrivance that which is regulative to object the developed termination. Aim consisted of full the required activities to produce the contrivance affected victoryfully. Aim administration contains authorization, aim planning, aim determination, aim transmute administration and aim verification the kernel incidences that contrive the aim fairly.

2.6 Contrivance opportunity administration: –

Opportunity administration: Opportunity administration of the contrivance is estimating the opportunity required coercion the each and sum soul and initiate to the object of the contrivance at abundant. Soul determinations, soul sequencing, continuance estimating, establishing the calendar, list clearment and opportunity regulateling are the guide parts of the contrivance opportunity administration.

Gantt chart: –

Gantt chart is a bar chart which is using in planning to point-extinguished opportunity of soul’s initiate and object. Although it has power to point-extinguished the labor that already dindividual and labor those feel to be exhaustived.


Source:, 13/12/2/012 at 3.00 p.m

Censorious Trackwayfashion Course: –

Censorious trackwayfashion is the longest course to object the developed termination. It is the opportunity continuance catchs to exhaustive the undiminished contrivance. Censorious Trackwayfashion course is using coercion detail how best to contract opportunity required to fulfil luckion (Bansal ,2010, pg 220).

Netlabor Diagram: –

Netlabor Diagram is indicating full the activities of the contrivance and their interaction. The milestones, interdependent activities, developed initiate and object of each part are showing in the Netlabor Diagram (Bansal, 2010,pg 224).


Source:, 13/12/2012 at 3.05 p.m

Contrivance Administration Software: –

Contrivance administration software is an IT alsol which is using coercion abundant contrivances. It is fixed and courteous-mannered-mannered deferential than the manual courses. Moreover, contrivance administration software has the power to be reformiond by sundry populace at a opportunity and it scarcitys less manpower. There are sundry contrivance administration software in the bargain. Ex: Ms contrivances, Primavera.

2.7 Contrivance Character administration: –

Contrivance character administration is the superintendential manner of testifying that the contrivance earn encounter the contentment of scarcity at ultimate. Determining the required term, character planning, character selfreliance and character regulate are the elder parting components of the character administration.

2.8 Finance administration: –

Contrivance finance administration is the manner that connected with managing the expenses of the contrivance according to the ruled budget. Guide parts of the require administration are; expedients planning, require estimating, require budgeting, coin fcheap and require regulate. Full the contrivances feel brace types of requires, as Direct require and Indirect require. Direct require is the expenses coercion staples, labour, equipments where the Indirect require is require of supervision during the preventive of the contrivance (Bansal, 2010, pg 232).

2.8.1 Require advantage decomposition:-

Require advantage decomaspect is estimating the equiponderant coin vale of the advantages and requires to the society of the contrivance.

2.8.2 Coin Fcheap declaration:-

Coin fcheap declaration is the muniment that resembling the coin fcheap in and extinguished of the contrivance. Brought coercionward coin, expenses, proceedss are indicating is the coin fcheap declaration (Burke,2003, pg 196).

Coin fcheap = proceeds – worth

(Burke, 2003, pg 63)

2.8.3 Net Present Estimate (NPV):-

NPV wary the coin fcheap with inflation and point-extinguished the developed estimate of coin in opportunity determinations. This course point-outs the opportunityly estimate of hues.

NPV= integralowance circumstanceor*coin stream

(Bruke, 2003, pg 63)

2.8.4 Return on Bombardment (RIO):-

RIO is indicating the mean emolument converting to percentage of the sum worth.

Mean annual emolument = (Sum gains) – (Sum extinguishedlay)

Compute of years

Return on bombardment = Mean annual emolument * 100

Original bombardment 1

2.8.5 Payback determination:-

The payback determination is the opportunity continuance that gains financial end analogous to the judicious bombardment.

2.9 Civilized expedients administration: –

Contrivance civilized expedients administration is another grave part in contrivance administration which hopeful the manifestationive and fertile reformion of populace to produce the contrivance goals victory by recruiting the correct appropriateal to the correct part, course on contrivance appropriate features and decorate them in a decent course such as payments on opportunity (Gosh. 2000, Pg 3-5)

2.10 Message administration: –

Contrivance message administration is the regulation of gathering and propagation of contrivance counsel. This includes

2.11 Miss administration: –

Contrivance miss administration is connected with testing, analyzing and responding to the misss that rule to the contrivance parts.

2.12 Procurement administration: –

Contrivance procurement administration is accruing labors to contrivance from extinguishedside the contrivance area. The peculiar administration of those full conversance areas would direct to the victory of the contrivance.

2.13 Contrivance Administration concepts: –

2.13.1 Sum Character Administration (TQM)

Full the companions in cem subordinatecatch to improve the part, laboring refinement, manifestations and labors to encounter the customer contentment (, 12/01/2013 at 6.30 pm).

2.13.2 Administration by Concretes (MBO)

Contrive the employees to object the goals and concretes of the cem through suffer the employees subordinatestand the troop concretes and their part on achieving them. This concept was affected by Peter Drucker in 1956 (, 13/01/2013 at 6.45 pm).

2.13.3 Six Sigma

Six Sigma is the course of managing character of the manifestations through managing the causes of want in extinguishedputs. The Six Sigma course is reformiond to require decrease and augmentation the emoluments (, 13/01/2013 at 7.00 pm).


Contrivance Administration is a advantageous theme in conviviality and tourism industries as is provides livelihood to the courteous-mannered-mannered planed tourism contrivances to instrument. Contract the requires and opportunity opportunity executing the earlierly deverified contrivance. Although, contrivance administration livelihood to test the weak bombardments. Therefore head administration has the power to abandon those weak bombardments which earn be impair of instrument.

On the other laborman contrivance administration point-extinguished the undiminished expedients availpower of the positive contrivances as the administration could earn a luck to fixed up instrument required coercion the contrivance and power to reformion the full appropriateal coercion the decent part with adapted instrument.

Most of contrivances in Sri Lanka are referable runs with a peculiar administration manner. In abstracted, most of instrument are dry-rot coercion reformionless bombardments. This fantastic theme should submit amid the tourism toil in Sri Lanka where there is a proud ask-for and the final trobject of restricted augmentation of the empire.

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