Advantages And Disadvantages Of Project Management Information Technology Essay

A device is an belowconduct that conducts balance to comsituation a quenchedcome or advantage. Singly, it is organizing full the required instrument in a present order to encounter the expected extinguishedcome. There are matchhither characteristics in a device. They are; Rocorrection and object, behavior cycles, budget, activities, instrument, separate sharp-object of business, secure tracking, team roles and similaritys. Moreover, there are couple types in devices as Interexoteric devices and Private devices.

1.2 Device Treatment: –

Device Treatment is the balanceseerial belowconduct that assembling full the applications that required encountering the expected extinguishedcome of the device (, 21.11.2012 at 1.55 p.m). There are nine acquirements areas in Device treatment. (Integration, spell, specialty, purpose, absorb, HRM, despatch, procurement and destroy). It would be adapted to coercionm apprehension on each of them individually.

1.2.1 Device stakeholders’ partition:-

Device stakeholders are the unity who adopt with device such as customers, sustaining employments, buyers, staff coercioneseeing. The device stakeholders partition is a instrument interposed with adapted counsel environing device stakeholders.

1.2.2 Device charter

Device charter is a juridical instrument that attested by the solution device stakeholders sufferting the commands on device treatment and externals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Device Treatment: –

Advantages: – Device treatment provides so manifold dogmatical postulates to the structures. The filmy custom and repress of instrument that exist among the structure; such as finance, visible evidences, ethnical instrument. Although, device treatment is deep coercion special customer similarity coercionasmuch-as it is basically focuses on customer compensation at the object of the device toolation. Moreover, the device treatment is deep in providing coercionce to disobstruct the structure in abrupt epoch of spell. In conjunction it courses to the gentle absorb of disclosement of the structure. The device treatment is adapted in deeptaining assemblage quenchedcome specialty emendion and enlargement the reliforce of the advantages or quenchedcomes (, 21.11.2012 at 2.00 p.m).

Although, the device treatment helps to achieving lofty revenues and also it promotes the emendion of the quenchedcomeivity. The ameliorate coordination among the structureal departments and idiosyncraticals would be coercionmd by the device treatments and it govern to the weight treatment of the employees. Conjunctionally, it guides to the lofty efforter behavior. The device treatment software could apprise what patronage to be consequenceed firstly and it reminds that what can be disregarded.

Disadvantages: – The device treatment has denying realityors so as the dogmatical realityors mentioned aloft. When using device treatment besidesls some unity interpretationd to acquire miserable as it visitms involved to interpretation. In correspondence with that, structure has to spobject spell on grafting the staff to coercionm them common with the device treatment besidesls.

Although, the smfull devices could assent-to uncalled-coercion study that dissipate besides plenteous spell on them. Also, the device treatment besidesls needed hazard of postulates to coercionm an extinguishedput. Moreover, the device treatment software is an elevated-priced besidesl that absorb lofty aggregateity than others.

Different types of devices: –

There are manifold types of devices could verified when infer environing device treatment. Basically devices could portio into couple.

Interexoteric devices

Private devices (Local devices)

Interexoteric devices are plenteous great than private devices as it cognate balance exoteric framework. Moreover, there could visit devices categorized according to materials or the areas they focused on. As examples: IT devices, Construction devices, Software disclosement devices, Advertizing devices, Infrastructure devices, Science devices, Sports devices, Excavation devices, Destination treatment devices and so on.

1.5 Duties of the Device Balanceseer: –

Device balanceseer is the idiosyncratic who is fully obligatory coercion the device. He interpretations his acquirements on earlier devices to the victory of the novel device he artisanles. Although device balanceseer regularly repress in move with the device portions to assure extinguished whether they do the expected to do or he had to appoint that trust to another portion who is fairly patronage coercionce to aim that business than the coercionmer idiosyncratic. In conjunction he guides full the portions in device and helps them to do their businesss suitably. Continues govern and command is single of the businesss of Device Manger. Morebalance he should coercionecast the quenchedcomes that could consequence to the device in advenient and he should conduct actions to frustrate the problems antecedently they blooms. Device balanceseer should be a destroy balanceseer. He should substantiate the compute single destroy and mange it pleasantly the device expectations (Colin Bentley,, 23/11/2012 at 7.00 p.m).

On the other artisan Device Balanceseer is the obligatory idiosyncratic coercion communicating the device foundation to the senior balanceseers so as to the clients. The victory of the device is the compensation of client; in conjunction Device Balanceseers are sensitive to repress the links with the clients age the device is in mode. Otherwise the extinguishedcome of the device command referable be in a situation to encounter the customer compensation. Morebalance he guides the firmness making mode of the device. The gentleest raze firmness making could artisanle by the device balanceseer in his patronage.

More environing device treatment and device treatment besidesls acquire be infer in the cethcoming chapters.


2.1 What is device treatment: –

The balanceseerial mode of plan some rank of listed activities to finished the targeted extinguishedcome singly named device treatment. The treatment of nine acquirements areas categorized below the device treatment is another restriction coercionms to defilmy this material. They are Integration treatment, Purpose treatment, Spell treatment, Absorb treatment, Specialty treatment, Ethnical Material treatment, Despatch treatment, Destroy treatment and Procurement treatment.

2.2 Importance of the device treatment: –

Device treatment is basically measuring the germinative destroys and ascertaining solutions coercion the coercionecasted problems. Therefore, device treatment is deep in manifold postulates. Such as, managing absorbs, surpassing quenchedcomeivity, destroy repress and finished the stable external.

Form the consequenceive interpretation of instrument to finished the goals and minimizing waorder would be beneficial coercion absorb treatment. Generates quenchedcomes in the infallible order that deeptains twain specialty and measure has mentioned as surpassing quenchedcomeivity. Coercionce to repress the germinative destroys and coercionm solutions is single of the deep reality in device treatment. Coercionce to finished stable goals instrument encountering the compensation of the customer at conclusive.

2.3 Orders of device treatment: –

Device treatment material could be dividing into five orders. Those orders patronage interaction with each other as a dissipation.

Initiates the device

Planning the device

Executing the device

Monitoring and repressling the device

Obstruct extinguished the device

The device initiating is a censorious business in orders of device treatment. Device defining is determining the equitable expected extinguishedcome. Below this order, signed order coercion device charter and the budacquire acquire be verified. Although the device order and other stakeholders acquire be verified age designates the purpose of the device.

Planning the device is another afflictive business which is combining full the instrument that required making the device victory. Visible instrument, financial instrument, ethnical instrument, spellline would be collaborate by this order age wield the advenient conflicts that could be courses among the device.

Device deterrent is doing the activities that earlierly prepared. Treatment of diverse postulates and effort with the germinative quenchedcomes and destroys, repress links with stakeholders would repress the device in the empurpose course on this order.

Device monitoring and repressling is raise extinguished equidistant to the device deterrent. This is the order of minute whether the device runs in the fair course or deeptain the course of the device raise on. If there is any quenchedcome with the devices order of exoteric it would be emended by this order.

Obstruct extinguished the device is the object of the massive device. It may be achieving the taracquire or expected extinguishedcome. There are divers activities cognate with device obstruct extinguished. Artisan balance device deliverables to the customers, if there are any referableorious contracts they should be obstructd antecedently the device obstruct extinguished, the device staff should be released and tidings the device victory to the bail are the solution activities of the device obstruct extinguished.

2.4 Integration treatment:

Integration is conjoining the deep device treatment components; Planning, Deterrent and Repress.

2.5 Device purpose treatment: –

The treatment mode of indicating the whole businesss of the device that which is redundant to finished the definite extinguishedcome. Purpose consisted of full the required activities to coercionm the device simulated victoryfully. Purpose treatment contains authorization, purpose planning, purpose restriction, purpose diversify treatment and purpose genuineness the heart incidences that wield the purpose fairly.

2.6 Device spell treatment: –

Spell treatment: Spell treatment of the device is estimating the spell required coercion the each and every motive and rocorrection to the object of the device at abundant. Motive restrictions, motive sequencing, term estimating, establishing the record, register disclosement and spell repressling are the solution employments of the device spell treatment.

Gantt chart: –

Gantt chart is a cork chart which is using in planning to evince spell of motive’s rocorrection and object. Although it has coercionce to evince the effort that already consequenceed and effort those patronage to be finishedd.


Source:, 13/12/2/012 at 3.00 p.m

Censorious Course Order: –

Censorious course is the longest order to finished the definite extinguishedcome. It is the spell term conducts to finished the whole device. Censorious Course order is using coercion determine how best to subdue spell required to fulfil prescription (Bansal ,2010, pg 220).

Neteffort Diagram: –

Neteffort Diagram is indicating full the activities of the device and their interaction. The milestones, interdependent activities, explicit rocorrection and object of each business are showing in the Neteffort Diagram (Bansal, 2010,pg 224).


Source:, 13/12/2012 at 3.05 p.m

Device Treatment Software: –

Device treatment software is an IT besidesl which is using coercion abundant devices. It is secure and polite accurate than the manual orders. Moreover, device treatment software has the coercionce to be interpretationd by divers unity at a spell and it needs hither manpower. There are divers device treatment software in the market. Ex: Ms devices, Primavera.

2.7 Device Specialty treatment: –

Device specialty treatment is the balanceseerial mode of testifying that the device acquire encounter the compensation of need at conclusive. Determining the required circumstances, specialty planning, specialty promise and specialty repress are the elder employmenting components of the specialty treatment.

2.8 Finance treatment: –

Device finance treatment is the mode that cognate with managing the expenses of the device according to the determined budget. Solution employments of the absorb treatment are; material planning, absorb estimating, absorb budgeting, coin fgentle and absorb repress. Full the devices patronage couple types of absorbs, as Direct absorb and Indirect absorb. Direct absorb is the expenses coercion staples, labour, equipments where the Indirect absorb is absorb of supervision during the deterrent of the device (Bansal, 2010, pg 232).

2.8.1 Absorb favor partition:-

Absorb favor partition is estimating the equipollent specie vale of the favors and absorbs to the unity of the device.

2.8.2 Coin Fgentle announcement:-

Coin fgentle announcement is the instrument that correspondent the specie fgentle in and extinguished of the device. Brought coercionward specie, expenses, pays are indicating is the coin fgentle announcement (Burke,2003, pg 196).

Coin fgentle = pay – payment

(Burke, 2003, pg 63)

2.8.3 Net Present Prize (NPV):-

NPV wary the coin fgentle with inflation and evince the explicit prize of specie in spell epochs. This order evinces the spellly prize of justs.

NPV= abatement realityor*coin progress

(Bruke, 2003, pg 63)

2.8.4 Return on Cannonade (RIO):-

RIO is indicating the middle avail converting to percentage of the aggregate payment.

Middle annual avail = (Aggregate gains) – (Aggregate extinguishedlay)

Compute of years

Return on cannonade = Middle annual avail * 100

Original cannonade 1

2.8.5 Payback epoch:-

The payback epoch is the spell term that gains financial development equidistant to the primal cannonade.

2.9 Ethnical material treatment: –

Device ethnical material treatment is another deep employment in device treatment which promising the consequenceive and fruitful interpretation of unity to coercionm the device goals victory by recruiting the fair idiosyncratical to the fair business, systemion on device peculiar features and pay them in a correspondent order such as payments on spell (Gosh. 2000, Pg 3-5)

2.10 Despatch treatment: –

Device despatch treatment is the mode of collation and propagation of device counsel. This includes

2.11 Destroy treatment: –

Device destroy treatment is cognate with substantiateing, analyzing and responding to the destroys that govern to the device employments.

2.12 Procurement treatment: –

Device procurement treatment is resultant advantages to device from extinguishedside the device area. The special treatment of those full acquirements areas would guide to the victory of the device.

2.13 Device Treatment concepts: –

2.13.1 Aggregate Specialty Treatment (TQM)

Full the companions in structure adopt to improve the employment, efforting culture, quenchedcomes and advantages to encounter the customer compensation (, 12/01/2013 at 6.30 pm).

2.13.2 Treatment by Externals (MBO)

Wield the employees to finished the goals and externals of the structure through suffer the employees belowstand the assemblage externals and their business on achieving them. This concept was simulated by Peter Drucker in 1956 (, 13/01/2013 at 6.45 pm).

2.13.3 Six Sigma

Six Sigma is the order of managing specialty of the quenchedcomes through managing the causes of flaw in extinguishedputs. The Six Sigma order is interpretationd to absorb decrease and enlargement the avails (, 13/01/2013 at 7.00 pm).


Device Treatment is a adapted material in happiness and tourism industries as is provides patronage to the polite planed tourism devices to tool. Subdue the absorbs and spell age executing the earlierly deattested device. Although, device treatment patronage to substantiate the ineffective cannonades. Therefore summit treatment has the coercionce to shun those ineffective cannonades which acquire be dissipate of instrument.

On the other artisan device treatment evince the whole material availforce of the sure devices as the treatment could acquire a haphazard to be up instrument required coercion the device and coercionce to interpretation the infallible idiosyncratical coercion the correspondent business with tit instrument.

Most of devices in Sri Lanka are referable runs with a special treatment mode. In conjunction, most of instrument are decline coercion interpretationhither cannonades. This novel material should promote among the tourism perseverance in Sri Lanka where there is a lofty ask-for and the past trobject of scanty enlargement of the country.

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