According to the text Worlds Together Worlds Apart Volume 1 Elizabeth Pollard

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According to the text Worlds Together Worlds Apart Volume 1 Elizabeth Pollard (page 78 to 80), there is a keen look into the development of the early writings ranging from those of the Egyptians, the substantive and extensive speech from the Sumerians (Pollard et al., 2015). Since massagers were mostly used to relay various messages from the king to the people, there raised the need to develop writings as they had a heavy mouth that made it hard for people to get what they were telling them. Therefore, the king of the Kulaba had to look for clay and draft the message as if on a table and this is how early writings started.
Among the pictures of the early writings available in the book are the Harrappan seal stones, the oracle bone from the Shang dynasty and the early Greek writings of the linear B. these three early writings have a number of similarities and differences in the letters and figures used in the writing. One of the similar aspect common in all the writings is the use of symbols of common animals and trees then. These are believed to be the animals they hunted and the trees they used to gather from. Also, the drawings on the writings represent some weapons such as the daggers the early people used in hunting and gathering.
The most common difference between these early writings is seen clearly between the oracle bone, Linear B from Pylons and the Harrappan seal stamps. The latter is characterized by symbols of animals such as cows and trees that the people who used them used to bunt while the other two, that is the Oracle bone and the Linear B consists of cracks that are done on the stone plate to represent letters. This is different as they used letters while Harrappan Seal stamps were more of symbols.
These similarities and differences make it clear that early writings developed independently whereby all societies developed their writings by their own. This is because all this symbol on the writings are different for every group of people and therefore making it clear that writing never spread but people developed their own. Were it that it spread, there would be a lot of similarities among the writings but because writing developed independently among people then the differences had to be seen.
Based on the various ornaments that people were buried with as pictured on page 81 of the book, it is clear that the people of the third millennium BCE were involved in long-distance trade as some of the ornaments that have been found in the river basin trace their origin from far places from where they were found (Pollard et al., 2015).
For instance the queen Hetepheres of the fourth dynasty of Egypt a buried with Giza that had silver bracelets which is a clear indication of the long-distance trade that the early people of the third millennium BCE had started being engaged as compared to the earlier ones who were mostly hunters and gatherers and never participated in the trade to acquire goods from other communities. Also, the ability of the people of the third millennium BCE to willingly bury wealth in the dirt means that they had also started developing a sense of ownership of their own and respect for the dead as compared to the earlier people who were never concerned with burying their dead people.

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