ACC204 T2 ASSESSMENT 2 1200 word (+/- 10%) assessment

1200 word (+/- 10%) assessment, problem based covering weeks 7-10 (open to students from wk 8-Septemeber 4), due via turn it in, in week 11, Friday 30 September 2017 at 11.59pm.
Question 1
The constitution of FWPL allows for the directors to pay a dividend to holders of A Class shares at their discretion. Over many years, the company had paid a dividend which, although not sizable, was sufficient for the shareholders who chose to do so, to live on.
However, Mario and his siblings are angry about the discontent that Jason has been stirring up among the Galli grandchildren, some of whom they see as lazy and undeserving.
So, the board of GML resolves not to pay a dividend to the A Class shareholders this year, and instead, to retain earnings to fund the development of the organic vineyard at Robinvale.
What action, if any, can the Galli grandchildren take in respect of non-payment of the dividend?
This question is covered in week 8 topics, see chpts 15-16. Your answer should cover; Who can apply. What is oppression. Remedies where there is oppression and apply your findings to the to the facts. Approx. Word count 550
Question 2
At FWPL, Mario and Nick Galli are concerned about the level of dissatisfaction among the A Class shareholders. They would like FWPL to be able to buy out the A Class shareholders at a value to be fixed by an independent expert. They seek your advice on doing a share buy-back under the Corporations Act.
What are the benefits of doing a share buy-back? What is required?
This question is covered in week 10 topics, see chpts 19-20. Your answer should cover ; Rules of selective buy-back and what selective buy-back involves. You should also apply your findings to the facts. Approx. word count 250
Question 3
Alternatively, could FWPL get rid of the A Class shares by way of a reduction of capital? What would be required, and whose consent is needed?
This question is covered in week 10 topics, see chpts 19-20. Approx. Word count 350 APPENDIX A: MARKING RUBRIC ASSIGNMENTS
LOs Level 1 (Fail) Level 2 (Pass) Level 3 (Credit) Level 4
(Distinction) Level 5 (High Distinction)
1. Develop an understanding of relationship between the law, corporations and legal regulation in commerce.
2. Explore the various legislative provisions and its relevant case law in relation to the broad areas of Corporation Law.
3. Explain the roles and responsibilities of the directors and officers of the corporate structure, the extent of their accountability to various stakeholders and the ethical framework under which they operate. Inadequate or insufficient understanding. Superficial and general. Does not identify relevant issues and apply properly in the context
sufficient but limited understanding; Does not include adequate detail.
identification of issues, and basic application of rules in the context. Demonstrates accurate and clear understanding in adequate detail.
Identifies key issues and apply the rules in the context. Demonstrates a welldeveloped understanding
of the topic.
Identifies key issues and rules, explains the application to the context persuasively. Demonstrates a sophisticated under-standing of the topic. Provides a logical and comprehensive view of the issues raised by the question.

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